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Parenthood Recap: Please Don’t Blow the Ingredients

This week’s Parenthood opened with a couple we haven’t seen a lot of lately, Julia and Joel. Early in the season they decided to have another baby, last night’s episode opened with them discussing this very topic, semi-naked, and totally in the mood. As anyone who’s concerned themselves with ovulation and timed intercourse knows, just because you’re in the mood doesn’t mean you get to do it. The whole episode a very frustrated Joel is pining after his wife, who’s got her eye on the prize – making a baby. She’s focused that way. And she teases him “not to blow the ingredients” needed to make their little munchkin until the time is right.

We also got to see the jack-ass side of Seth, Sarah’s ex-husband. Last week he reintroduced himself to his son and daughter. While Drew enjoys hanging out with him, Amber isn’t as easily swayed. Is it a coincidence that after Seth intimidates a group of teens at the batting cage that Drew gets mixed up in his first fight? I don’t think so. Seth also as a nasty interaction with Zeek, who is clearly looking out for his daughter and grandchildren. I love John Corbett, but I really wanted to kick Seth in the crotch last night.

Crosby and Jasmine are still on the outs, and while I know the show is Braverman-centric, I feel like Crosby Braverman is making an effort while Jasmine really isn’t . Granted, he did say some mean things to her, but now that’s he’s cooled off and ready to talk, she’s not. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since maybe Jasmine isn’t really his soul-mate), Crosby starts making eyes (and then a whole lot more) at his nephew Max’s therapist.

Which then brings us to Adam Braverman’s family — this week, the story revolved around Max and his birthday party. Max, being bug obsessed, has requested that Andy’s Amazing World of Bugs be the entertainment. When Adam and Kristina interview Andy, they get the impression he’s “a little odd”. When Kristina asks about him at the school, she learns that he is an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome. Adam and Kristina are shocked that they didn’t realize this about Andy, and I could tell it got Adam’s wheels turning about Max’s future. With a lot of planning and a little luck, the party goes off without a hitch. Kristina’s a little stressed, with a house full of party guests with very specific needs and preferences (they invited the entire class from Max’s school), but once the bug show starts, Andy entrances the audience. Kristina takes a minute to grab an aspirin and discovers her sister-in-law Julia is ovulating, and her future niece or nephew may have been conceived on her bathroom vanity. All in all, Max’s birthday was a magical day for all involved.

Next week I assume that things will come to a head with Jasmine and Crosby. I’m also assuming that Seth will do something that will make or break his relationship with his son.

What did you think of this week’s show? What are your predictions for next week?

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I just watched this and must comment that this show has a lot of great talent on both sides of the camera and uses it well.

Monica Potter is so good. She doesn’t get half as much praise as she deserves, probably because her character is not always portrayed in a sympathetic light. She is so good at conveying so many emotions – simultaneous, real, complicated emotions – just on her face. I just think she’s marvelous.

Anyway, I think Seth is not going to keep it together too much longer. His INSANE reaction at the batting cage makes me think he’s working too hard to stay straight to keep it up much longer. Poor Drew.

Also, poor Max and Jabbar are about the get super-screwed over by Crobsy,Jasmine and (to a lesser extent) Gabby. It is about to suck for them. I’m actually not that surprised Jasmine immediately shut herself off. We are talking about someone who did not tell Crosby he even had a son for the first four years of the child’s life.

Crosby’s bad behavior seems like an old habit of fucking up so he doesn’t have to actually do the adult thing. He did try a little but, dude, adult life requires more than a little effort.

OK, I’ll be quiet now.

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