Polyvore Outfits: Taste the Rainbow

Howdy, ladies! (And anonymous male readers. I know you’re reading this. Right now. I can see you through my computer). Well, I was having a hard time thinking of a “theme” (give me suggestions! I can always use suggestions to decrease the stressful process of having to open Polyvore and sigh and be like, “Is it time for this indentured servitude, again?”) but then the s0-obvious-it-hurt idea to just make a rainbow of sets hit me. You’ll see the mixed results below.

Notes: The Yellow set has a significant amount of blue in it. Sorry for the contamination.  The Purple set looks like bullpucky because purple is the worst, most offensive color in the world. Lit’rally no designers make anything good in the color purple. When I think of Purple I think of Chuck E. Cheese, incestuous royals, wilting lilacs (which makes me think of the Nancy Drew book Mystery at Lilac Inn), and death.

Also, you may have no noticed there are no pants in these sets. I just noticed myself. I pledge to be more inclusive of different types of lower-body covering in the future.

Lastly, if I could pick myself up and haul my be-robed butt into one of these pictures, it’d be a toss-up between Orange and Green. Orange looks like summer and youth, but Green looks like the forest primieval.


Red by meghanlenora featuring citrine jewelry


Orange by meghanlenora featuring a leopard print mini skirt


Yellow by meghanlenora featuring sheer lace bras


green by meghanlenora featuring floral dresses


Blue by meghanlenora featuring draped tops


purple by meghanlenora featuring a silk print dress

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That’s lovely! I have to concede that lavender is a much nicer shade of purple than most of the bright, eye-searing purples I used. I mostly dislike purple because it’s hard for me to wear–maybe I’m just too pale or too sallow or something, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

As a fellow pale person, I understand. Most purples make me look like a drowning victim on CSI.

I’ve found, though, that if you mix a bunch of gray with it, it helps, which is what I did up there. I’ve found a few shades of it that I can get away with.

I finally figured out backgrounds last week & it’s made Polyvore SO much more enjoyable: just pick a background image, drag it into your set, then click the Backgrounds tab: you can select “remove,” which will let Polyvore automatically outline the image (and generally makes backgrounds look terrible), or select “keep,” which will make the whole image opaque (and is usually what I do for backgrounds), or “custom,” which allows to to outline and crop stuff–the nice thing about “custom” is that often other Polyvore users have cropped the image before you, so you can just use their work.

If you do play around and make some sets, please share!

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