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Recapping Fringe

This week the “previously on”¦” focuses on Fauxlivia, and the episode is set in the alternate universe. I’m not too thrilled about that. I know they’re trying to get us invested in the alternaverse so it’s even more tragic when the universes have their final collision, but I want Olivia with Peter and Fauxlivia is just messing that up.

So. Fauxlivia meets her boyfriend Frank (oh yeah, him) at the air station and let’s just say she doesn’t seem too hung up on Peter. Elsewhere in the station, some men are drinking at a bar and making casual conversation. The older dude distracts the young guy and doctors his drink. That’s never good. Best case scenario, he wakes up naked and robbed. But this is Fringe, so he’s probably not going to be lucky enough to wake up naked and robbed.

Fauxlivia and Frank are back at home, unwinding with a couple glasses of wine. Except Fauxlivia’s just drinking water, and we all know where this is going. Frank senses that something’s been different about her, but she says she’s just been busy with work. So he could tell something was off over the phone, but Peter couldn’t figure it out in person? After extended close contact? I do like Peter, but he’s about as clueless as a guy in a jewelry commercial ad.

They talk about Broyles being “missing.” His car was found but there were no leads and they had to stop the search. (I wonder if Fauxlivia even knows what really happened.) More chatting between the couple, and sexytimes ensue.

Back at the bar, the young dude gets violently sick in the bathroom. He starts spewing bugs, which come scurrying out of the stall. Oh, bugs. Awesome. Almost as awesome as snakes. The old dude is Johnny on the spot to collect some of the bugs in a specimen jar.

The next morning, Fauxlivia gets ready for work while Frank enjoys the show. He wants to go to Annapolis for the weekend and she agrees. She gets a call and has to run. At the crime scene, Lincoln (in charge now that Broyles is gone) brings Fauxlivia up to date on the whole dead guy full o’ bugs situation. Scarlie shows up. They’ve been able to collect samples, but the little buggers die quickly once they leave the host (which means they can probably rule out an outbreak among the other passengers at this point). Then Charlie points out a live one, and they’re back in business.

At the Department of Defense, creepy-ass Brandon (ours is fine but this one is just awful) tells Walternate there’s been a breakthrough with the drug they got from Olivia. They watch a video of a man using telekinesis. He promptly dies, as have the other test subjects before him. Brandon says they need younger subjects (see, awful) but Walter is dead set against using children.

Scarlie and Fauxlivia meet up with lab rat Mona Foster, who is all about Scarlie. She’s not familiar with the species of bug they’re dealing with, but apparently knows enough to find it in a book. Seems they’re dealing with the “skelter beetle,” which commonly lives as a parasite exclusively in sheep and died out years ago when the sheep did. They wonder how the bugs got into a person. Um, you weren’t wondering that already?

In a lab, the old guy from the bar ““ Dr. Anton Silva, we come to find out ““ is experimenting with beetles and enzymes and some other science shit. He’s unsuccessful at whatever he’s trying to do and proceeds to act out a hissyfit on his lab equipment. That’s real smart; he probably doesn’t have an assistant to clean that up for him.

The Fringe team has ruled out the possibility of an epidemic. Frank, at Lincoln’s request, has signed on as a CDC liaison. Fauxlivia puts on a happy face. She and Lincoln have a weird little aside about her relationship with Frank. Frank tells Scarlie that these bugs are different from the sheep dwellers in that they have apparently turned on their host. The team discusses ways to get more information on this bug. Astrid tells them to put out a Fringe alert, like duh.

In a diner, a jolly dude questions Dr. Silva about his “research” he’s working on. They chat about scientists like Salk and Watson and Crick. The good doctor asks if the dude has heard of Anton Silva. He hasn’t, of course, and Dr. Silva is all, “Oh, you will.” A Fringe alert about the beetle comes on the TV in the diner, and it looks like Dr. Silva has found his next victim.

Back at Fringe, Frank asks Lincoln if Fauxlivia can have the weekend off. Lincoln okays it, and it turns out Frank (as if you couldn’t guess) is going to propose. Lincoln immediately spills to Fauxlivia, which is kind of messed up but maybe it’s for the best as she looks “¦ less than thrilled by the news. They have work to do but Lincoln seems more interested in what Fauxlivia’s going to tell Frank.

Scarlie’s gotten a good tip, leading the team to the lab where Dr. Silva used to work. After all of the bugs he was experimenting with died, he was “a mess” and was rumored to have tried to kill himself at one point. No one has seen him since. Well, at the moment, he’s hanging out catching bugs that are falling out of diner guy’s body. Naturally.

Jerry Bissell ““ diner guy ““ has turned up dead and they can’t find anything on Dr. Silva (alive or dead) after 2004. Scarlie’s going to take the bugs from this scene, which are bigger than their predecessors, to the lab and have someone check out the diner where Jerry had his last meal. Fauxlivia and Lincoln do important stuff like discussing whether Lincoln can fill Broyles’ shoes.

Elsewhere, Walternate is hanging with his lady friend Reiko, played by Joan Chen. He’s worried that his unwillingness to cross certain lines means he’s weak. He’s hurt that he lost Peter twice, and I have to say, Walternate seems a little out of character in this scene. Again, I suppose the powers that be are trying to humanize the folks in the other universe, but I like Walternate nice and evil so this is just weird. Anyway, Reiko gives him a pep talk, and he seems soothed for the moment.

Meanwhile, Frank is briefing Fauxlivia on Dr. Silva. He was working on an enzyme the beetles produced which might enable him to make an avian flu vaccine. Now it looks like he’s trying to resurrect the skelter beetle and with it, his work, but the re-engineered beetles are killing their hosts. The latest bugs are bigger because they need to be mature enough to produce the necessary enzyme. Armed with this new info, Fauxlivia is about to go meet up with Lincoln, but first Frank pops the question. He can’t wait for Annapolis, going instead with the classic middle-of-a-murder-investigation proposal. Fauxlivia looks at him like he just offered her the other half of a slightly soggy sandwich, but then she says yes so I guess Frank knows what he’s doing.

Lincoln’s received a tip, and he and Fauxlivia head to an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn. She tells him that she said yes to Frank, and at this point she seems happy about it. Lincoln says he’s happy as long as she’s happy.

They split up to check the place out. Lincoln wanders into a walk-in freezer and of course gets locked in, without cell phone reception. Olivia, meanwhile, has startled a lab monkey into screaming, which in turn startles her into leaping onto a rotted-out part of the floor. Down she goes, into a room where some big old bugs are quick to come over and investigate.

They cut to commercial, and when we come back, Dr. Silva’s has cuffed Faulivia to a chair and is giving her something to drink. Back in the freezer, Lincoln looks for a way out. It’s unclear how long he’s been in there, but it looks like he’s already starting to freeze.
Fauxlivia is telling Dr. Silva that there are more agents on the way, and Dr. Silva is all, “Yeah, not falling for that one.” She calls him a killer, and Dr. Silva apparently thinks it’s par for the course for scientists who make life-saving discoveries. Also, it’s apparently okay because he worked his way up to humans after the sheep died out and his work is “almost complete.” He’s having a total mad scientist moment here. Fauxlivia ignores him and tries working her way out of the handcuffs.

In the freezer, Lincoln uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off the lock and escapes. Then, because he’s actually a well-trained government agent, he has the sense to call for backup immediately.

Dr. Silva is still chattering away about his calling and Fauxlivia continues to ignore him ““ until he says that “the gestation has already begun.” She looks over at the glass he made her drink from. The penny drops and she tries to make herself throw up, but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re tied to a chair.

Lincoln bursts in but Fauxlivia warns him not to hurt Silva, because she’s been infected. And see, instead of being concerned here, I’m wondering if Fauxlivia dies, will that make Peter’s choice easier? I’m awful, I know. Anyway”¦

Backup shows up, Frank among them, and he makes sure a nauseated Fauxlivia is rushed into an ambulance. Lincoln orders everyone else out, leaving him and Scarlie to guard Silva. At gunpoint, Silva says he’ll help them save Fauxlivia. In the ambulance, Frank preps Olivia for an ultrasound before he gives her an anti-parasitic. In the warehouse, once Silva gets Lincoln to lower the gun and give him a special container, he reveals that Olivia isn’t the final host.

Dun dun DUN! Turns out she’s not infected with bugs, she’s pregnant! Dun dun DUN! Turns out Silva is the final host! He pulls a giant bug out of his neck and puts it in the container. He’s evil and all, but that is some hardcore impressive shit. His dying wish is that they spell his name right. Lincoln looks like he was expecting him to say something else.

Frank comes to see Fauxlivia in the hospital, and it comes out that the adrenaline must have triggered some kind of morning sickness from hell. Oh, also, in the case of six-week old Fetus Dunham, Frank is NOT the father. Big surprise. Frank asks Fauxlivia if she’s in love with him and she doesn’t answer, like why bother not saying no at this point when silence gets your point across just as well? Frank can’t believe she was going to marry him. He leaves, understandably hurt. Gah, and now there’s something else tying her to Peter.

Speaking of Peter, Brandon calls Walternate to tell him he might have a way to bring Peter back that doesn’t involve, you know, exploiting small children. Walternate shows up at Fauxlivia’s place. He’s heard the big news, which is kind of disturbing when you think about it. I guess they don’t have HIPAA over there. He tells her that her job is secure and is all, “Yay, grandbaby!” Now why do I think Walternate would be a creepy grandpa? Like, VC Andrews levels of creepy. Don’t eat the powdered donuts, grandbaby!

Next time: we’re back to our universe, and it seems to be coming apart. I guess we can expect to see events like those in the alternate universe. They’d better start prepping some of that Amber.

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I know! The move to Friday (exile for shows the network wants to die), the rapidly evolving plot points – almost the brink of shark jumping because it’s so rapid, none of these omens are good ones. UGH.

I love Fringe. I have been so busy lately that I spent three hours yesterday catching up on past episodes.

Seriously, what was that wacky bit with Walternate and Joan Chen? That was weird. And also, Frank’s treatment of Altstrid like some kind of… I don’t know, special machine that he’d like to have? And I might be totally off on this, but for some reason I feel like Charlie on this side might have been married to someone named Mona, but I can’t remember for sure.

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