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Simple Pleasures

Since I’ve been getting the sense around these parts that it’s been kind of a bad week for a lot of people, I thought I’d be an annoying chirpy optimist and share some of the little things in life that make me happy. Join me, won’t you?

Discovering new artists on Pandora ““ I am eternally grateful to my old coworker for introducing me to Pandora and its concentric circles of musical discovery waaay back in aught seven. I have Pandora to thank for so many amazing artists that have come into my life.

The small window of time when coffee is at the perfect temperature ““ I’ve mentioned my coffee addiction here before, and I do realize that other hot drinks apply with this particular pleasure. Examples: tea, hot chocolate, cider, and so on. There’s just something so great about the perfect warm-but-not-too-hot moment with your warm drink of choice in the morning.

Closing the blinds at the end of the day / opening them in the morning ““ I just tend to like transitional times of day. I like starting my morning by forcing myself to endure bright sunlight, and I like kind of saying goodbye to the chaos of the day by closing the blinds when it’s TV (and/or bloggin’) time.

Taking a nap with friends who are visiting for the weekend ““ It’s Saturday afternoon. You got in late Friday night, had a great time out, and then did some brunch or daytime activities in the morning. If you’re gonna rally for tonight, you need to nap. So it’s time to cuddle up on the bed with your friends and try to stop talking and giggling long enough to get your nap on.

When you’re walking around, doing errands, and suddenly start striding confidently for no particular reason ““ Is this just me? Independently of whatever jams I’ve got on my iPod, I’ll tend to randomly be consumed with a high-chinned quick-stepped swagger sometimes when I’m out and about. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I feel good about getting shit done. Maybe because I think I’m having a good hair day. Maybe for just no goddamn reason at all.

Completing your to-do list before noon ““ This has probably happened to me fewer than 10 times, either at work or at home on a Saturday but when it does happen, it’s incredibly satisfying. Actually, it’s best if this doesn’t happen at work because it will be impossible to resist the urge to spike your legal rule pad on the ground, scream “I’m out, y’all” and storm out of the office. Trust me on this one.

When you finally figure out what you’ve been craving. And then eating it ““ I am the victim of frequent Phantom Cravings. Like, I want to eat something, really bad, but I don’t know what it is. And until I can figure it out, nothing else can satisfy me. This situation is only exacerbated when alcohol is involved, but it applies on workdays and weekends as well. Then”¦suddenly the light bulb goes off: I want Munchos.

So. It’s your turn. What are your favorite simple pleasures, Persephoneers?

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I love doing my school work while my boyfriend watches TV. It can be TV I dislike, even–it’s just so nice to sit around and get stuff done with him there. (CHEESY)
I love going on a long walk to get a Slurpee on a hot day.
A really well-made cappuccino in a mug.
When my hair does just the right thing, especially without much effort on my end.
When the perfect running song (by which I mean Lil Wayne) comes on during my run.
Jeans on Fridays at work! Tomorrow I will wear jeans and it will be lovely.

I work with a lot of construction workers (I monitor for archaeology on a bunch of utility projects) and usually my days are crap because of egos and politics but those workers always find a way to make me laugh unintentionally. I don’t know if its because they have been working together too long or around too many fumes but they say the funniest stuff. I also like when at work I have to drive between sites and the my favorite jam comes on and there is no one around. It quickly becomes a car dance party

I like when my guinea pig who is kind of a prick decides to be cute and snuggle. Speaking of out of nowhere affection, my bf does not do PDA (at all) so when he does hold my hand in public or gives me a little cheek kiss its extra special

Hot tea in the morning FTW! Also speaking of temperatures- I boil my water to make ice tea (it speeds up the process) and there is this temp where the tea is kind of warm but the ice has all but melted its the perfect spot. There is also a perfect melting pointing for butter on toast for me.

When you finally get your sheets all warmed up after getting into bed

When it’s gently snowed all day, and as you go to bed you look out over a pristine world, soft and quiet, the sky lit orange by the light of the snow.

Inflicting truly horrible puns on family/close friends.

Unexpected free chocolate cake in the middle of the day (yes, I’m a grad student, why do you ask?).

When your favoritest song ever in the whole world comes on the radio.


You are a girl after my own heart, your list is pretty much the same as mine. I have never gotten unexpected cake, but I showed up late for work one craptastic day and as I walked up preparing to apologize and explain, my boss rounded the corner and said “Hey, want a sno-cone?” Sno-cone Friday has become one of my favorite days ever.

Pandora is the best. My morning commute is only tolerable because of the station that I built with Destiny’s Child, Mariah, TLC, Salt N Pepa, Beyonce, classic Madonna, and Prince. Pandora is on notice, however, for trying to sneak Coldplay onto EVERY SINGLE STATION, no matter how many times I “thumbs down.”

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