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TDG: 2/3

Good morning, Persephoneers! Have we got a day in store for you.  Lots of words are coming your way, for those of you who are still snowed or iced in or those of you that are peeking from work. To get the blood flowing, I thought we might do something a little different for today’s Daily Goodie.

Our friends at Pajiba announced yesterday that there is a plan in the works to remake Stephen King’s The Stand.  My fellow Olds may remember a mini-series from 1994 with Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise, Marshall’s dad and Ruby Dee.   This mini-series is usually not remembered fondly.

True confession time: I secretly love it.  The Stand, the mini-series is terrible and does a huge and horrible injustice to the book, sure, but it’s loads of fun.  Most of the cast worked the hell out of what they had, excepting poor Molly Ringwald.  We shan’t discuss her.

The Pajibites seem to love the book version of The Stand as much as I (and a good number of people my age) do, and so they were all over the imaginary recast.  Persephoneers, we can do better than the Pajibites.  They did come up with a few inspired suggestions, including Cillian Murphy or Matt Ross as Randall Flagg, Paul Dano as Harold and Crispin Glover as Trashcan Man.

Here’s my (incomplete) list, what does yours look like, readers?

Randall Flagg: Mick Jagger

Stu: Timothy Olyphant

Franny: Mindy Kaling

Nick Andros: Zachary Quinto

Tom Cullen: Jason Segal

The Floozy who Shoots at them: Emma Stone

Nadine: Milla Kunis

Trashcan Man: Christopher Eccleston

Larry Underwood: Justin Timberlake or John Mayer.

Mother Abigail: Della Reese

The Kid: The kid from Cougar Town

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Thank you for this! I absolutely loved this mini-series, being a huge Stephen King fan I surprisingly was not bothered at all by the interpretation – a truly great cast on the whole and really freaking creepy in some respects. I have no shame!

Will gladly watch this proposed remake although to be honest, I cannot think of ANYONE better to play Tom Cullen than Bill Fagerbakke – for me he WAS his manifestation on film.

Larry Underwood = Josh Holloway

He’s proven, with Sawyer, that he can play “has he changed, or hasn’t he?”. It’s been a few years since I’ve read the book (stupid grad school, I used to re-read it every year) but Larry struggles with his transformation from selfish addict to responsible person.

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