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TDG and Open Thread, Presidential Style – 2/21

It’s Monday again!  AND it’s Presidents’ Day.  Do you have the day off? Whether you do or don’t, enjoy this little Animaniacs reminder of all the presidents in order.  I should have watched more Animaniacs as a kid, maybe I would do better on the “President” categories in Jeopardy.

And since Animaniacs met its demise during the Clinton administration, let us know in the comments how you would continue the song with our next presidents.

And use this space as your Open Thread for today. We’ll see you at 12!

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Been having some interesting conversations on how Disability is represented in symbols. Like, why is the accessibility symbol a wheelchair user when not all people with Disabilities are chair-users? And how cool is the “open door” symbol some comp sci people are looking at? Also, PCs have the accessibility wheel instead of the chair now, and the macs (I think) have the Venusian man.

Which is great, because I lost my wallet and needed distracted.

Animaniacs! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who remembers them! That was such a great show. My kids are only 2 and 4, but I’m totally bookmarking this video so they can watch it when they get older (er, and me too, because I am shamefully unable to ever remember the names of more than about six presidents. And I got a 5 on my AP History exam back in high school.).

Ya’ll. Normally my clients are not that thrilled to see me (I’m an auditor) but the client I’m working with next week is ECSTATIC. It makes my job so much easier when they are happy to see me! I’m happy to see her!

I think I’m really going to like this trip.

No day off for me. :(
And I left my coffee mug sitting squarely on my kitchen counter this morning so the commute in was AWESOME. (if awesome meant to drive nails in one’s head)

And today I also decided to stop freaking out about money and make a budget. It’s not horrible. I won’t be able to shop at Trader Joe’s ever again. But I can spend all the time I won’t be spending shopping by canning and gardening instead. Cheaper hobbies, ya’ll. Cheaper hobbies.

One of my stupid human tricks is that I can sing the intro to Animaniacs with all the bonus lines. It takes a long time, and it’s funnier (to me, at least) after a few glasses of wine. I also cleaned yesterday! I’m hoping my now tidy house will inspire a burst of energy and creativity. Or at least help me find things easier.

Wonderful Persephone hivemind! Your culinary advice is requested…

AtomicBoy and I have been dating for 15 months and finally decided that maybe our folks should meet, especially since we live together and all. Yeah, we’re getting around to it…

We have some culinary hurdles to overcome. My mother doesn’t eat meat, but will eat fish – she likes all kinds of fish. My father loves red meat, especially since my mother doesn’t cook it. They both love salmon, but that’s essentially the only fish my dad will eat.

AtomicBoy’s parents are serious American Eaters, for lack of a better term. Everything his step-mom serves is coated in butter and cheese and usually bacon. (Secretly, I fear for their arteries, but that’s neither here nor there.) They don’t like salmon.

We were thinking a surf and turf combo so people could select what they want. Say, five pieces of filet mignon (minus the sixth for MommaClash) and some sort of fish? Or maybe a scallop/shrimp combo?

Oh, and our oven is broken. Anything between the temperatures of 300°F and 450°F doesn’t work.

Dinner is scheduled for March 6.

Suggestions SO appreciated!

Do you have a grill, or could you borrow one? Depending on where you are, it should, in theory, be warm enough to grill outside by March 6 (although, really, if you’re hardcore, you’ll grill outside in January, but that’s neither here nor there).

I’d do steak and either salmon or shrimp skewers; that way, everyone has something to eat. Just soak the wood skewers in water for an hour, put shrimp on them, and then put the whole skewers in a gallon bag with some marinade for an hour or so.

You can also grill vegetables if you have a grill basket. My favorite “fancy” grilled veggies are asparagus marinated in a bit of olive oil, white wine, garlic, and black pepper.

If you do mashed potatoes on the stove, then voila: you have both fancy and (literally) steak-and-potatoes.

I just learned a new way to make mashed potatoes that is delicious. Cut up some red creamer potatoes with the skins still on, and put 5-6 cloves of garlic in the water while you boil them. When they’re soft to a fork, drain the water out and set aside. In the pan, heat up some cream and butter (OM NOM NOM) with the garlic cloves until just before it starts to boil, when little bubbles form at the edge. Add the potatoes back to the pot with some fresh rosemary, salt, and pepper. Mash it up but leave it chunky instead of smooth.

Try not to eat the whole pot yourself before people sit down to the table.

I would get one of those preseasoned corned beef roasts that you can cook on the stove top in 3 hours, and then poach a nice piece of salmon for your mom. Roast potatoes require a higher temp and would go with both, plus maybe a big wintery spinach-nuts-dried fruit salad.

Despite the construction of the Bush presidential library continuing to affect my commute, I don’t get today off. Alas.

In better news, my thesis defense on Friday went really well and they finally got around to email me to tell me I was approved. Now I just have to finish writing and I’m out of here!

Thanks! Our program is kind of different (and only an MA so perhaps that makes a difference) in that we present our work about halfway through the project so they can approve whether or not we have a viable argument that actually brings something new to the topic. This is my last semester so hopefully I’ll be finished writing by the end of it; if not I’ll finish up over the summer.

How long do you have left before you’re done?

Well I’m rushing to see if I can submit it at the beginning of next month, but I’ve been rushing to see if I could submit it at the beginning of the following month since June 2010, so I’ve started to answer “Soon, I hope” whenever somebody asks me that question. The day I finally drop it off at the printers’ I’ll probably be all over the open thread screaming about it in all caps. Can’t. Wait.

Love it. I’m also a big fan of Jonathan Coulton’s The Presidents song, too.

I don’t like to make political statements. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

You can also find lower quality sound but live versions of him doing the song more recently, too. I think there’s one somewhere where he mentions Obama, but I can’t seem to find it this morning.

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