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TDG: Good Morning!

Inspired by the fact that I woke up before the sun this morning to work on Perseph, I thought I’d kick start everyone’s day with some beautiful sunrises. This way, those of you with good time-management skills don’t have to miss out on the splendor.

You know, on the East Coast (except the Gulf side of Florida!), we don’t get to watch the sun set over the beach; rather, we have to get up early to see the sun rise over the water. This always made me feel a little jealous and left out, and may indeed secretly be the fuel for the intense rivalry between East and West Coasters.

So, here are a few of my faves. Drink it in, and have a great Friday.

Snowy Sunrise
Let's start off with a wintry sunrise, because why not?
Beach hut sunrise
In my mind, that's a little tiki bar
Sunrise mountrains and lake
Is this picture upside down? Does it even matter?

 Don’t forget, you can use this as your daytime open thread!

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6 replies on “TDG: Good Morning!”

Making up work today after an ice day Wednesday. I have a pretty bad driving phobia and I’m scared the neighborhoods I drive through are going to have some icy patches in the shade and I’m going to hit a car parked on the street (people who park on the street are the bane of my existance). It’s really exhausting when what should be routine parts of my day, like getting to and from work or the grocery store, are huge mental and emotional events.

My distraction today is the reappearance of an old crush who suddenly is interested in rekindling whatever it is that was there before.
The problem: I’m married. He’s married! And His Wife Is Pregnant!! Of course, I am not going to pursue this, first because it’s wrong, second because I love Mr. Blue to bits and finally, because No. Just, No.
But I can’t help but feel sleazy and guilty just for having had the conversation, even though he initiated it. And because, I am embarrassed to admit, a bit flattered by the whole thing. He’s suddenly far more charming than he once was, and just as handsome as ever.
I thought this was only something that happened in the movies.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! My friends have been kind of horrified and I feel like I’m wearing a scarlet letter around them. And, since I haven’t told Mr. Blue I feel extra guilty. But I guess that’s OK sometimes, so long as I keep it in check, as you say. I don’t know, I’m new to the whole marriage thing so I appreciate your perspective.

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