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TDG: Prairie Dogs

So, the Internet, in its infinite wisdom, has just taught me that “prairie dogging” actually has two meanings. It doesn’t just mean what I thought it meant: the phenomenon in which a bunch of cubicle-dwelling office workers peek over their cube walls to see what’s going on. NO! It also refers to pooping. I needn’t go any further.

That’s probably the least appealing lead-in to cute animal pictures that anyone’s ever written. The three of you who are still reading will be well rewarded with several hilarious/adorable pictures of prairie dogs. Go on, you’ve earned it.

Prairie dog eating grass
Do you MIND?
Prairie dogs with faces close, looking like they're whispering
Adolescent prairie dog takes "sucking face" literally
Black Tailed Prairie Dog
Aw, sorry, there's no grass left for you
Prairie dog stretching, holding up its paw
Just...just go on without me
Prairie dog backlit, looking into the distance
Pensive Prairie Dog looks at life, looks at choices

Photos: NationalGeographic, ScientificAmerican,, Getty

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