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The Daily Goodie: 2/4

Well, it’s a day late, but I wanted to wish all you Persephoneers a Happy Chinese New Year! The new year actually began yesterday, but since Fridays are my territory I figured we could rehash it. We are now in the Year of the Rabbit. Kiss the Year of the Tiger goodbye.

I’m going to share two goodies with you today, because I’m a giver. First is this amazing post of 100 rabbit pictures. Next is a few fun facts about the Year of the Rabbit. If, like me, your 2010 was full of drama and upheaval, you’re probably looking forward to some calm, cuddly Rabbit action in 2011.

So Happy New Year, and happy Friday everyone!

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Sheng Ri Kwai Le to everybody.

In Vietnam it’s Year of the Cat. That is the one animal that differs from the Chinese Zodiac.

Lunar New year is also celebrated in Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Tibet, and Vietnam. Japan gets a jump start and celebrates on January 1, using the Julian calendar (not kosher I say).

I take umbrage that the rabbit is an auspicious animal. All animals have “good” and “bad” traits. Some animals are favored more than others, but there is no truly “bad” sign.

BTW old-fashioned Chinese people avoided Tiger women–think Amy Chua–because they are considered too aggressive. A Chinese galpal told me,”They’re only invited to funerals and begrudgingly to weddings.” HA, Amy.

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