The Values of Vaporizing:Why It Is Awesome

So, now that you’ve got yourself some weed, you will want to partake of that shit. You have a few options for ways to get that good stuff in you. What’s a lady to do? Well, speaking as someone who has been smoking since I was introduced to it at my hippie mountain town college years ago, I’ve tried pretty much every method you could think of to take it in.

One of my favorite ways is vaporization, which is done by using a small machine of varying types, all of which contain a heating element that heats up the weed just enough to vaporize the moisture of the plant – not to burn it. The vapor from the weed is inhaled, just like smoke, except for that vaporization runs circles around smoking in oh, so many ways!

Why vaporization? There are three main reasons why I highly recommend this method.  First, one of the greatest features of this method is definitely the lack of stench from burning weed.  The vapor emitted when you exhale dissipates immediately, and leaves almost no scent behind.  So, no more lingering skunky smells – and this is good for both your drapes, and your security!

Where you live, weed might not be legal.  You might be in a city where medicinal weed is legal, or in a city where no one really cares what you’re smoking.  Your ability to freely mollify your endo during Shark Week, or simply relax to the max after a long day at the keyboard might be slightly greater than in other locales in our fine country. In Austin, there are actually festivals that celebrate smoking, and the police won’t give a damn if you light up a joint 8 feet away from them. Move even slightly outside of the city, however, and you could find yourself in a different county, with a very different attitude carried by law enforcement when it comes to drugs.  All of a sudden, the possibility that the sweet smells of your backyard smoke sesh could be giving you away to the Prohibition-minded cop, who just happens to live two houses down the street from you,  is very real.  Whether you live in an herb-friendly city, or Just-Say-No suburbia, the lack of tell-tale smoke and stink is nothing but a huge +1 for vaporization.

The second reason that I love vaporization is that it. Tastes. GOOD. And I mean, like the smell of freshly-cut grass, concentrated by 1000, and with no burned-vegetable-matter taste whatsoever.  The refreshing taste of the plant shines through the vapor, with no smoke to cloud the subtle nuances of each strain – perfect for the more discerning weed connoisseur.  And no more sore throats from smokin’ too long!

The third reason is the ability to use the weed twice – waste not, want not!  After you vaporize the weed, you can actually re-use the “vaped” weed, just like you would the fresh stuff. Vaped weed is perfect for making edibles, my second favorite way to partake. I will be imparting the family recipe for dark chocolate and Grand Marnier weed truffles in my last installment of this series, and trust: These truffles are kind of like heaven in a little cocoa-dusted-ball.  Vaped weed is also good to fill your pipe in a pinch.  It is dry, so it smokes quickly, and tastes like shit, but it does the job as splendidly as virgin green.

By now, you are probably either nodding your head enthusiastically in agreement (you little stoner, you!), or wondering to yourself: How can I obtain and use one of these miracle machines, and just how does it work? You are in luck, lady, because in the next installment, I will give you the 411 on what makes vaporizers tick – or, shall I say, “toke?” – and how to find the perfect vaporizer to meet your needs.

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“Vaped weed is perfect for making edibles, my second favorite way to partake.”
Wait wait wait, what? I need more information on this like, yesterday.

My boyfriend has a vaporizer, and it is lovely. I’m pretty new to smoking and maybe do it a few times a week, and I’m so thankful for the vape. I couldn’t really get the hang of joints or a pipe.

You just made me crave weed so bad! I haven’t had it in months, and even then it was mixed with tobacco (yuck, I was in Germany, and apparently that’s normal there??).

I’ve never tried it with a vaporizer, and you’ve totally piqued my curiosity.
I want to go to there.

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