Tuesday Trivia

Trivia Tuesday: Tattoo Who’s Who

It’s Tuesday Trivia Time!  Mini confession here – I have been stupid excited about tattoo mix-n-match all week long.  It’s been like waiting for my birthday.  I’m slightly disappointed that I don’t get to guess, but my disappointment is tempered my the fact that I really love knowing all the answers.  (What can I say?  I’m a nerd.)

So, can you figure out which tattoo belongs to which Persephoneer?

The Contributors

BaseballChica03, Kate D, Languagezombie, Mr.B, Olivia Marudan, OneBigPear, Selena MacIntosh, Paperispatient, SaraB, SBMom, and Slay Belle

The Tattoos

feather tattoo
Tattoo 1
baseball tattoo
Tattoo 2
lotus tattoo
Tattoo 3
flower tattoo
Tattoo 4
cherry blossom tattoo
Tattoo 5
blackberry tattoo
Tattoo 6
foot tattoo
Tattoo 7
rose tattoo
Tattoo 8
dragon tattoo
Tattoo 9
cat tattoo
Tattoo 10
grey dot

*Selena here!* This is our end post for the day, so feel free to use it as an open thread!  Have a great night! There’s new Glee, new Raising Hope, new The Good Wife, I’m giddy with excitement.  We’ll see you in the morning at 9!

While you’re open threading, how would you all feel if we shifted our schedule from 9 AM – 7 PM EST to 12Pm – 10Pm?  We could always run an open thread at 9AM (Luci’s very smart suggestion) and then kick off our day with the Lunchtime Poll and regular posts from then on out.  Lemme know what you think!

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The Bonus picture looks a lot like the marking I have under the skin in my hand where I got stabbed with a pencil. The graphite left a mark when the wound healed.

No drama to the story. Had just sharpened a pencil and accidentally stabbed myself with it. I was in the 6th grade.

I should really come up with a cooler story…

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