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Tuesday Trivia: Discworld Trivia

I have avoided Pratchett trivia before now because I’ve feared a lack of interest. However, I have been emboldened by all the calls for Discworld ladies in our Middlemarch Madness lists. Sir Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors of all time, and it looks like I’m not alone. So, without further ado, Discworld Trivia:

1.  Who are the little blue men who shout “Crivens,” and what does it mean?

2.  What book asks the question “What can the harvest hope for, if not for the care of the reaper man?”

3.  What is the final stage of development – Snowglobe –> shopping trolley –> _____ ?

4.  Who is Binky?

5.  What does it say on Rincewind’s hat?

6.  “Sometimes it’s better to light a _________ than curse the darkness.”

7.  What do Cohen and the Silver Horde do at the end of “The Last Hero”?

8.  According to Lord Vetinari, what is the greatest freedom of all?

9.  In “Thief of Time” what weapon does Susan find to be most effective against the auditors?

10.  Who is the Postmaster General of Ankh-Morpork?

Bonus – What does “Ook” mean?

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Good post! Being a huge Terry Pratchett’s fan, I couldn’t refrain from posting a comment too. Well, I couldn’t remember all the answers, and one of the reasons is that I read most of his books in Bulgarian, the next is that I haven’t read all his books yet, But his works helped me to realize how to deal with the darkest moments in life (I wanted to suicide in the past… but some of his books saved me!!!). I even owe him the publication and completing of my 1st Tale Of The Rock Pieces, Thank you, MR. Pratchett!
I could add another question/answer btw: which are the 4 directions in the Discworld: to the edge, to the center, clockwise and counterclockwise… Best wishes to all fans! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of the water dragons’hunters – my Tale Of The Rock Pieces)

1. Wee Free Men, aka Mac Nac Feegle, and Crivens means the same as “Crikey”, as far as I can tell, although I’m sure Pratchett put a real definition in one of the books.
4. Death’s horse
5. Wizzard, or some other misspelling of Wizard…

“Ook” means a myriad of things, as uttered by the Librarian.

LOVE Pratchett! I picked up “Guards, Guards” in an airport and was hooked. My fabulous daughter already had a bunch of the subsequent books, and I’ve read them all multiple times, but the Night Watch ones are still my favorites.

What an awesome chart! My gut reaction is the Watch series, starting with “Guards Guards,” but it really doesn’t matter, they’re all good. One thing I might add to the chart is that I would combine the Rincewind series with the Death books. After the first few, the wizard faculty features prominently in both.

As for being off topic – Shame on you! Just kidding :) You’re talking to the person who followed the Discworld trivia answers with pictures of squirrels, just because I like squirrels.

1. The Nac Mac Feegles, and Crivens is what they shout when they’re about to kick someone’s head in?
2.Reaper Man
4.Death’s horse
7.Cannot remember
8.Freedom of choice? Like he gives Moist the choice between doing what he, Vetinari, wants him to do, or certain death?
9. Expensive chocolate, but preferably not nougat, they don’t work quite as well
1O. Moist Von Lipwig

Ook – that’s not fair, it can mean anything the Librarian wants! Monkeys are not apes? Don’t touch the books?

1. Nac Mac Feegles
2. Reaper Man
3. Mall
4. Death’s horse
5. “Wizzard”
6. Flamethrower
7. Stole the Valkyries’ horses?
8. ???
9. Chocolate
10. Moist Von Lipwig

Bonus: pretty much everything, depending on how The Librarian says it.

(I fully admit to checking three of my answers in the books. Disqualify me, it was still fun!)

1. Nac Mac Feegle
2. Reaper Man
3. City
4. Death’s horse
5. Wizzard
6. Candle
7. Go off a cliff with a barrel of dynamite they were going to use to blow up Dunmanifestin.
8. Death. Or Hope.
9. Chocolate. With a creamy liquid center, not nougat. Nougat doesn’t work well.
10. Moist Von Lipwig (pronounced lipvig)
11. Anything and everything.

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