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Visual Greenery and Open Thread

Good evening, everyone. I thought the theme for tonight’s last post should showcase my favorite color: green. There’s no real reason for it. I just wanted to share some pretty pretty pictures to get your juices flowing.

A collection of emerald stones
These are emeralds. They are my birthstone (so few shopping days left!)
Green tile-walled bathroom
This bathroom is amazing, and not just for the delicious green tile wall
An Irish castle
Ah, Ireland. My partial homeland. Affectionately called the Emerald Isle.
Keira Knightley on the set of Atonement, wearing a green dress
Keira Knightley looking gorgeous in a green dress
Green door in a while wall
This door looks magical. I'd like to see where it leads.
A green margarita
Well, it's 10:00...who's ready for a drink?

And, to finishing things off, here’s Green Day with their timeless ditty, Basket Case. Have fun in the open thread, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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Green is a great color! Our bedroom is painted mint green with a purply blue trim, and our upstairs hallway is a kind of bright, Pushing Daisies kelly green. (Our kitchen has sea foam green tiles that we haven’t gotten around to changing yet, ha ha. It’s a bit much.)

Blue is my real favorite color, but something about green walls that is very calming.

Yes, Yippayap looks a lot like the old Groupthink. I haven’t joined because I was getting bored with GT anyway, so I decided the redesign would be a good moment to quit hanging out on GT out of habit.

Maybe people think that the conversations here should be more serious than they were over there? As in, “the blog is aimed at bookish, clever women, so I shouldn’t mention makeup, shopping, my boyfriend troubles or my cat”?

I’m finding that the later open thread is less conducive to me wanting to sit around and chat. I spend all day on the computer at work, and I often have evening meetings that I’m running around for as well. By the time I get home, I want to eat dinner and hang out with The Mister and my cat, not stare at a screen more.

I am guessing that if I were still in grad school and had my laptop open all the time and did work in the evenings, I would love the new timing setup. But alas.

I am really dreading work tomorrow.
1) I have to work in the rain
2) We are moving an archaeological site because the construction cannot go around it
3) We are doing it with an entire audience of Native American representatives from the reservation.

I love working with the Native Americans and think they should be involved in every project but things have been super tense lately. Apparently they have agreed to this relocation but I still feel really uneasy about it.

In good news, watching my guinea pig snuggle into the blanket on my lap and get all comfy to sleep is the cutest thing ever

Hello person whose life sounds like my own! I work a lot with community groups and stakeholders to record their views towards museum exhibitions about local and cultural history. My feelings towards this can be summed up as: Inclusion and consultation – yay! Capacity for things to go wrong, communication to break down and everyone to get pissed off – unlimited. It usually works out in the end though -I hope everything went ok for you!

I think my bunny sleeping on his side is the cutest thing ever, although it freaks me out because he looks like he is dead.

Could you bring it up when you’re not actually in the act? Like, say something like “I saw this really interesting move in a porno the other day, it looked like it felt really good.” Or something like that, so maybe he gets the hint and then he can feel like it’s his idea if he throws it in later.

@rosieretrospection I would just be very direct but also tactful. “I love when you do xyz, but will you try abc? I think that would feel amazing too.” Or if you just generally want him to try new things but don’t have a specific idea in mind, you could find a chapter in a sex book on oral sex and present it as, “Look at these suggestions, some of them sound fun. Let’s see which ones are Cosmo-esque and totally fail and which ones rock my socks off.”

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