Women Who Love Books and the Men Who Love Them

The Mister and I have a pretty set routine.  After the kids go to bed, we watch TV while he reads the internet and I do crafty crap.  It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s how we decompress at the end of the day.  Lately I’ve noticed that Persephone has become a regular stop on his daily internet surf.  I think it started in self defense, because I get really enthusiastic about things and I would attack him the minute he got home asking “Did you read my thing yet?”   Now I think he does it just because he likes the site.  Now he’s the one asking “Did you read ____ yet?” because sometimes we like talking about things other than work and kids.

I love the fact that we have male readers.  They’re not hugely vocal about it, but they follow us on Facebook and comment occasionally, and I know Mr.B isn’t the only one out there telling his friends to check us out.

So, for all you guys who are brave enough to love clever, bookish feminists – Happy Valentine’s Day!  We think you’re pretty neat.

old fashioned valentine

I really wanted to have just one image here, to keep it simple, but I saw this and I couldn’t resist.

crazed buster brown valentine
Buster Brown looks like he painted that valentine with the blood of innocents! And I'm pretty sure the dog "disposed of" the remains. If someone sent this to me I would get a restraining order, ASAP.

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I’m glad we’re not the only ones whose “decompression” time involves doing three different things at once. At our house, we sit in bed with the tv on, I read a book, my husband reads a magazine, and we argue over whose turn it is to use the laptop to surf the Web. We steal it from each other while the other is peeing or taking a shower.

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