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7 Questions for a Witty Gentleman: Subject N

Subject N insisted on being referred to as “Project Alpha” because he doesn’t like things in alphabetical order, but I do, so we’ll just go ahead and do both. Special thanks to Project Alpha/Subject N for answering these questions with absolutely no idea as to why he was being asked. He’s a good sport.

1. You’ve been given the power to invent a new ice cream flavor, what is it?

Cajun Cocoa. It’s a rich, chocolaty ice cream with Cajun spices to satisfy the ultimate sweet/savory/spicy craving for the discerning and demented palate.

2. You’re chosen to remake any movie originally made between 1975-1990. What movie do you remake and how do you cast it?

Ishtar. Recast with Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson, because they deserve nothing less.

3. What terrible song gets stuck in your head?

The Muzak version of “The Girl from Ipanema.” It’s not a terrible song, but a Muzak version will never leave your head. It’s torture.

4. Tell us about a woman who has been influential in your life.

My grandmother. Any positive quality, any gentlemanly trait, any good manners I have stem from her influence. I owe all of my good qualities to her.

5. What’s your favorite joke?

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s existence.

6. A band is now following you around performing your personal soundtrack wherever you go, who are they, and what are they playing?

Fishbone. “Party at Ground Zero.”

7. Mad libs question! Give me the following:
Adjective: rotund
Body part:
pyloric sphincter
Nick Frost

Mad Libs results: My best feature is my rotund pyloric sphincter, which has been compared to fastidious spaetzle. Nick Frost may plummet slothily, but I rotate smartly!

7 replies on “7 Questions for a Witty Gentleman: Subject N”

As I read these questions I thought “what would *my* answers be?” and I realized that I couldn’t focus on any of your questions. So my hypothetical answers were actually to questions that I assumed you posed without actually reading/hearing them.

For instance, my first few answers were:

1. I think the reason I’ve always liked coffee is that it’s both nutritious AND delicious.

2. Can you believe Netflix is only like 8 bucks a month? Seriously. What a great bargain. Way better than the “rent one movie for $3, forget about it for weeks, pay $20 in late fees” approach I used to use.

Where was I again?

Sorry, ADD attack.


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