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Being Human 1.10: “Dog Eat Dog”

This week, Sally feels like she’s not part of the team, Josh is kidnapped and Aidan starts a turn down a really dark path.

Previously: Josh beat the crap out of a vampire. Bishop wanted Aidan back (wants him back, wants him back for gooood). Sally had a ghost boyfriend, but she couldn’t get past his hold on his past. Aidan made a 10-year-old friend, who was killed and then turned into a vampire and then killed again.  Marcus visited the Dutch Country and there were human sized cocoons! Vampire butterflies? I can’t decide whether that’s amazing or horrifying.

“Dog Eat Dog”

Our topic this week is immortality, how easy it is to take for granted. How that power makes you think you’re untouchable. Time to flashback to what appears to be the late fifties. Bishop and Aidan are pulling coffins from a van as they talk about the impending visit from The Dutch. Bishop is worried and wants to leave; he wants to go see about a girl. He’s totally in love. Aidan tells him to just go and Bishop tells Carlo (who is presumably the Vamp Boss) that he’s heading out for a bit. “The power is a perk, but to rule the world alone is worthless,” the voiceover summarizes.

Rebecca is outraged that Aidan killed Bernie, but he assures her that he hates himself more than she ever could. Bernie was the closet thing that Rebecca would ever have to a son, she explains and then asks if he was there when his own son died. He freaks out and yells at her to never mention that again. Bishop comes out (they’re apparently at the funeral home) and tells them to cool it because the Dutch are waking up soon. He explains that the Dutch are old ones, higher-ups; they hang with the Amish because it provides something close to their orthodox lifestyle. I’m kind of disappointed that we didn’t get vampire butterflies. Bishop wants Aidan to stay to see Hegeman (I might be totally off on that spelling and if so, I’ll fix it next week), who is 1010 years old. He reminds Aidan that though he’s tolerant of the way Aidan has chosen to live his life, it’s an “insult to the empire they’ve built.” Aidan doesn’t seem entirely convinced.

Home at the stoop, Josh is husking some corn for his lady (and that’s not a euphemism). While talking to Sally, he slips a bluetooth headset on so that he doesn’t look like a crazy person talking to himself … nice, Josh, clever! Sally reminds him that it’s a full moon tonight and wonders how he’s pulling it off. “I feel almost like a person when I’m with her,” he explains. She understands, because with Nick, she felt solid for a while, a part of something. Josh reminds her that she’s a part of something there with him and Aidan, but she denies it;she never gets to help out with anything. They leave her out of their monster world. Josh goes around corner to trash the husks and Sally hears squealing. When she turns the corner, she finds bag of corn on ground and no Josh anywhere. Ruh-oh!

Back to the fifties, Bishop is outside the hospital, talking to a nurse, Jane. She’s eating her lunch and she wants him to pretend to eat so she doesn’t feel so weird. Jane clearly knows what he is and doesn’t seem freaked out by it. Bishop mentions that it’s her birthday next week, but that only makes her sad “¦ she keeps getting older. But she doesn’t want him to change her, either. She leaves to go back to work and as she walks away, Bishop takes a box out of his pocket and looks at the ring inside it. Aidan pops up like a creeper, snarking that he hopes she’s worth it. Aidan tells him that carrying on with a human spits in the face of their people, but Bishop protests that he respects her humanity. Aidan says that Carlo wants them to entertain the Dutch and reminds him, “Your family needs you now.” Back to the future, the Dutch wake up and they’re thirsty.

Someone else is waking up: Josh, who’s in a cage. An older guy is outside the cage and introduces himself as Douglas. He gives Josh the skinny on what’s going down. They’re in the basement of the funeral home, he’s a werewolf, too and he and Josh are going to be having a dog fight that night. The vamps are going to get high on blood, watch the wolves turn, and bet money on who will kill who. Loser dies. The winner gets to stay there and fight the next month. Douglas has been there for fifteen years.

Bishop is upstairs greeting all the Dutch now that they’ve had their beverages. Hegeman notices that they painted and Bishop explains that their customers find it soothing. A nameless Dutch snarls that he doesn’t like that they commingle with humans; fake sympathy for their deaths. Bishop reminds them that they agreed to let each sect run things as they saw fit. Before things get really awkward, Aidan turns up and the Dutch remember him and seem pleased to see them. Taking advantage of the lightened mood, Bishop takes everyone downstairs to check out the entertainment he’s arranged. Josh and Aidan see each other, but Aidan does nothing to help his roommate and friend as the vampires tell the wolves to take their clothes off and smell them creepily. He even orders Josh to bend over when he hesitates. It’s an incredibly creepy and violating moment for Josh and I’m suspecting that part of me will never forgive Aidan for this. When they leave the room, Bishop explains to Aidan that “this all happened very spur of the moment and who knows, maybe he’ll win.”

Back in the flashback, Bishop is there for Day Two of the Dutch visit and Hegeman says that he missed him yesterday. Carlo asks for news from Pennsylvania and in response, the Dutch promptly tear his throat out, leaving him to turn to dust. Hey! I don’t think we’ve seen a vampire die on the show yet. Aidan shouts in shock, demanding to know what Carlo did and the Dutch turn on Bishop. They ask him why he didn’t try to save his maker, especially since Carlo was so kind to let him carry on his unnatural relationship. “Such sacrilege cannot go unpunished,” Hegeman explains. They feel that Bishop has fallen and they want to help him up. They offer him Boston, but only if he gives up the girl.

Back downstairs, Douglas confides that he could tell that Josh knew one of the vampires and observes, “That must complicate things for you.” Earlier, Doug said his nickname was The Professor, but I’m thinking Captain Obvious is a little more suited. Douglas reminds Josh that the company Aidan keeps is heartless. Josh changes the subject and suggests they both just leave. They’re strong enough to escape. Douglas says sure, they could, but then they’d be out there in the wild and stumble across, say, a family, killing them. They don’t lock him up because he doesn’t try to escape. Out there, he could hurt someone. He thought he was careful before but in there, at least it’s contained. Josh is shocked that he’s let the vampires get into his head like that, but isn’t that the same train of thought that Josh was going down for half this season? Whether he realizes it or not, he’s looking at who he was setting himself out to be a few episodes ago. Sorry, Josh, I’m all about the tough love sometimes. Josh changes the subject again and asks about the notes that Douglas is always writing down. Douglas shrugs it off as nothing. Josh opens up about his past life going to med school, about his journal; he was trying to figure out how to isolate the transformation to stop it. Say what? Douglas is interested now.

When Aidan gets home, Sally is frantic with worry and tells Aidan about Josh being kidnapped, but Aidan already knows and he’s looking around his room for the keys to the funeral home. Sally wants to help, but Aidan tells her to just stay there.

Back in the creepy basement, Douglas shows Josh his notebook, he’s studied the werewolves after they die. Um … creepy but … helpful? Sally appears in Josh’s cage and tells him Aidan has a plan. Josh doesn’t believe it anymore, though. Sally tells Josh to just win the first, he can beat an old guy, but Josh explains that old is stronger for a werewolf; fighting is all he does. Plus, Josh doesn’t think he can kill a man. Sally tells him he has to.

Aidan’s back at the funeral home, too and Rebecca is there and still pissed about Bernie. Aidan explains that he can’t fix what happened, but he needs her help right now. He needs her to get the keys from Marcus, explaining, “Josh is the only family I’ve got.” Seriously, Aidan? Are you completely blind to what you’re saying to her right now? I would kick you in the balls if I were Rebecca. Surprisingly, to this Rebecca only replies, “It didn’t have to be that way.” He tells her that this is not the way to take revenge on him. Sally pops in and instantly recognizes Rebecca from the video. Rather than dwelling on that though, she wants to know why he’s not doing something: “You choose these monsters over us.” He tells her there’s a way that he has to deal with this. She reminds him that he committed to them. “Have you ever cared about anything, enough to take a stand?”

Back to flashback-ville, I bet we’re going to see Aidan take a stand. Aidan is pissed at Bishop, who’s not exactly eager to be handed Boston. Aidan says  all he had to do was say yes. This is what Aidan was promised by Bishop, and he’s upset that he can’t even recognize the Bishop he knew anymore. Bishop says that he can’t lose her. “Well, then you’ve lost me,” Aidan replies. He lays it on the line to Bishop: they will kill him if he doesn’t leave her. Bishop still can’t bring himself to do so and so Aidan renounces him as his maker, explaining, “Either I leave you now, or I betray you later.” Well that’s not the kind of stand I wanted to see Aidan making.

Aidan’s at the dog fight ring that night. There are lots of vamps, betting on the festivities. Bishop finds Aidan, who asks him to let Josh go, but it’s too late. After a pause, Aidan promises that he’ll come back if Josh walks out a free man. “I’ll come back to you.” Bishop looks happy.  Josh is brought out anyway (by Marcus, who I’m really surprised has lived this long; the number of things he’s done to piss off Josh). Aidan turns to Bishop, furious as they strap Josh into a chair. Bishop tells Marcus something and then tells the Dutch that the older wolf is sick. It wouldn’t be a fair fight. “We’ll just watch this one transform,” Hegeman suggests sending some of his many vampires in to fight him. And by suggests, I mean he basically says “Do it. Now.” Josh transforms in the ring and the JoshWolf very clearly stares at Aidan. Marcus sheepishly says that there’s a problem and out comes the DougWolf. Oh shit.

At home that night, Josh is looking through Douglas’s books. Looks like he won, but he’s not happy about it, he doesn’t know how to live with himself. Aidan says it will stay with him, his first kill, he saw every time he closed his eyes for ages. Josh wants to know why they didn’t lock him up, what Aidan did. Aidan says it would have caught up to him anyway and reveals that he has to go back to them, it’s the honorable thing. “Where exactly is the honor with them?” Sally demands. Aidan tells Sally that what she said mattered, that’s what made he do what he did, she’s the one that really saved Josh. Josh doesn’t see how he could go back to it, either. The house was his idea. ‘What are we supposed to believe in if we can’t believe in you?”

To finish off our flashback, Bishop goes back to the hospital to see Jane again. You can tell that there’s a weight on him as he tells her that he loves how vibrant and alive she is, but lately, he’s been thinking, it’s not natural. He’s compelling her to agree and it’s a violation as painful as seeing Josh’s violation earlier. He explains how she’s a tempation to him as he starts to choke her. “We built something wonderful, you and I “¦ ” he tells her but then defends his actions as just being true to himself. He lays her down on the bed, allows himself a moment to cry and then leaves.

In present day, Aidan catches up to Bishop and the Dutch downtown. “They don’t even like this city,” Aidan smarms, “they’re just here to judge us.”  Bishop points out that they judge the Dutch and their traditional ways, too and surmises, “It’s worth another 50 years of peace.” As they follow some girls, who are destined to be dinner, Aidan asks, “What are they doing here?” Bishop calmly replies, “I think we both know the answer to that. Tomorrow, they’re going to kill me. Good to have you back Aidan.”

I really appreciate this wider view of the vampire societal structure that Being Human is giving us, as well as the human side of Bishop. He’s always seemed more thoughtful and kind than his UK equivalent, Herrick, and I always appreciate it when creators take the time to give us nuanced and complicated bad guys. I still don’t know if I can forgive Aidan for letting Josh be violated like he was, but we’ll see how that  comes out in the end.

Your thoughts?

By Crystal Coleman

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Bishop is fast becoming one of the most interesting characters. This episode’s flashbacks were a fascinating insight into Aidan’s and Bishop’s characters. At this point, I’m kind of amazed that Bishop still has so much love for Aidan. Aidan was like a bratty teenage son back in the 50s. Though I suppose that answers my question. Aidan seems to be Bishop’s spiritual son as well as being his progeny. Bishop genuinely love Aidan.

You are so right about Josh’s violation. The confusion and pain in his eyes was really uncomfortable to watch. I thought Sally might go all poltergeist in the funeral home but maybe that’s being saved for later.

I think the US version is a very thoughtful and intelligent reinterpretation of the UK series. I love both shows, for very different reasons and that’s a very good thing indeed.

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