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Recap: Being Human, Episode 1.11, “Going Dutch”

Bishop knows there’s a traitor in the midst, but doesn’t know the half of it. Nora has something to tell Josh and Danny calls in an exorcist for his ex-girlfriend problem.

Previously on: Danny is a douche, Josh apologizes for being one momentarily, Rebecca fixed Bernie and mourned him. Aidan agreed to come back to Bishop for Josh. 

Being Human 1.11 “Going Dutch”

“The only constant in life is change,” Aidan reminds us in voiceover. Bishop and his boys have brought the Dutch to the brothel and Bishop is quite proud of his new addition. The Dutch aren’t overwhelmed with it, though; they don’t like that the women aren’t bled to death. “We don’t feed on blood, we feed on life,” Hegeman reminds Bishop. Nonetheless, the Dutch go off to enjoy the women, they their way, killing the girls. Bishops stands and observes, glad to have his boys both back with him on “our last day.” You see, someone’s a traitor and has sold out Bishop’s plan to the Dutch. Oh, you don’t know the half of it, Bishop.

Rebecca doesn’t understand why Aidan’s doing this, but he claims that he thinks he can make things better. Maybe teach Bishop and the others how to control their urges like he does. Rightly, Rebecca laughs in his face. Meanwhile, Marcus is having a powwow with Hegeman. He’s the traitor (hide your surprise, kids) and he wants to make sure that he’s taken care of once Bishop is gone, but Hegeman doesn’t think that death is entirely necessary in this case. Marcus rats out Aidan and  his “human” experiment and this backfires on Marcus, because Hegeman is pissed at his assumption that he wouldn’t know this already. Oh, snap!

Hegeman meets with Bishop and Aidan and questions Aidan’s lifestyle choice before turning the conversation back on Bishop. Seems that what’s concerning the Old Ones more is Bishop’s plan to turn important people and go public. There are apparently laws concerning how big each clan is allowed to be and Bishop is either already breaking them or very close to doing so. He warns that people have tried it before and it’s never worked, but Bishop protests that he doesn’t like denying the existence of themselves. Hegeman offers a deal: they will cull Bishop’s clan by 2/3; Bishop will come back with them and go underground for at least 50 years while the Dutch control Boston during that time. He gives Bishop until dinner to think the offer over and Aidan encourages Bishop to take it. Bishop won’t; it’s not part of what he and Aidan had always wanted to build there.

Rebecca and Marcus have been relegated to preparing the table for dinner and Rebecca asks why Marcus is a mistake. He explains his origin: they were coming for his brother, Silas, a perfect soldier that Marcus hated. Silas chose to die with honor and slit his own throat. Not wanting to come back with nothing, Bishop thought that Marcus would do and turned him. A few days later, he got Aidan, “the good little soldier he’d been looking for” in Silas. Then, Marcus signs his death warrant by revealing to Rebecca that it was actually him that killed Bernie’s bullies, as a stepping stone to try to bring Aidan back into the fold. You can practically see Rebecca’s mind working to figure out how she’s going to make him pay.

At the creepiest dinner ever, there’s a compelled woman on the table. Who’s pregnant. With twins. “Dig in!” Bishop urges. Hegeman wants to know his decision first, but Aidan steps forward before Bishop can speak. He suggests a compromise. Bishop will scale back his plans. If they still want to punish someone, they can take him. Marcus chimes in with an idea for a powershare, the weasel. Bishop finally speaks for himself and reveals that he was going to reject the offer, reject the old one’s theology and cowardice along with it. But now, he’s alone. His sons have rejected him, lost faith in him, and deserted him. Almost too easily, he accepts the surrender, but Hegeman and the others begin to cough. Bishop had been feeding the brothel donors juniper, which apparently paralyzes vampires. If the Dutch had just drunk a little, they’d be fine, but they just had to do things the old way. In an absolutely amazing tirade, really showing off Mark Pellegrino’s skills, Bishop lectures them to “change or die” as he slices their heads off one by one. Aidan saves Hegeman and runs out of the room with him, but is stopped by Marcus, wanting to finish the both of them off to please Bishop. Rebecca shows up to stake him before he can (and I yell “HECK YEAH!” at the TV).

The vampire trio of Aidan, Hegeman and Rebecca is on the run, but Hegeman is healing quickly. He tells Aidan to prepare for what’s coming as he heads back to Pennsylvania to warn the others. Aidan applauds Rebecca’s timing and woman speaks the truth when she says “he had it coming,” and reveals to Aidan that it was Marcus who killed the bullies. She wants to know why Aidan would offer to go underground and he claims that everything he’s done has been a mistake. Rebecca doesn’t think she was so bad. He agrees as she hands him a stake. “I’m not meant to be like this,” she urges him, but he can’t do it. She protest that she’ll do it herself. She killed Marcus, she knows they’ll do it if they don’t. “Let me go,” she requests. He wants to go with her, but she reminds him that he has to finish this. As they share one last kiss, she leads his hand to put the stake in position. She breathes a “thank you” as she dusts in his arms.

Sally is homebound this episode. Literally, when Danny brings an exorcist, Alanna, over and she pours salt around all the doors, which is surprisingly effective against ghosts. The exorcist starts off by asking Sally to leave very pleasantly, explaining that spirits were once people and “people respond to being asked nicely.” Sally … doesn’t. And starts getting her poltergeist on. Alanna’s next tactic is spreading some smoking herbs around with her nice thoughts. That seems to work on Sally more and she begins looking ill and convulsing. She cries that she doesn’t understand why Danny is doing this; she left them alone, they won. She screams as she dissipates. In the bedroom, Danny and Bridget can feel that it’s working. Sally really isn’t looking well and calls out to Bridget who starts to profess apprehension. She wants to know what will happen to Sally and worries about sending her “somewhere bad,” but Danny tells Alanna to finish it. He reminisces in the bedroom as he pleads to Alanna that he can’t take much more. This just pisses Sally off more and she runs into the exorcist, who doubles over. When she looks up again, she has Sally’s face. Danny is enraged and tries to choke her, throwing her against the wall, which pushes Sally back out of Alanna. Alanna knows who he is now and throws his money back at him, refusing to finish the exorcism. She tells him that Sally “deserves this house and you deserve whatever she does to you,” because the “dead don’t lie.” Bridget finally sees him for what he is, too and leaves as well. I yell out “HECK YEAH!” again. As she leaves, she apologizes to Sally, who still doesn’t look quite right as she looks slowly at Danny.

Over in Wolf World this week, Nora is pissed at Josh because he just disappeared for two days and reveals that she’s pregnant. I pause for a moment to do my “I CALLED THAT, SUCKAS!” dance and when I unpause, Josh is asking if it’s his. Oh, Josh, bad move. After a bad dream about Nora giving birth to a really creepy wolf baby, he confides Nora’s announcement to Aidan, who, while initially shocked, is really pleased for him. Aidan reminds him that that having a real life is what they’ve been trying to do and Josh gets a real shot at it. He finds Nora at lunch and apologizes to her, explaining that he didn’t mean to imply that he thought she was sleeping around. He didn’t expect to be able to get anyone pregnant and claims deep, genetic level problems with himself and his whole family. She’s underwhelmed by that confession and tells him that she swore never to have kids, because addiction, mental illness and other problems run in her family. Nora doesn’t know what happened that night and protests that she’s always so careful (um, then why weren’t you on birth control, lady?), but there was something different that night.  She understands that he’s freaked and she is, too, but she reassures him that they have a little while to figure things out. He promises he’s not going anywhere.

This episode was a game changer and in some amazing ways. The relevation of Nora’s pregnancy (and Josh actually saying the word abortion on television) was something that, even though I totally called it (did I mention that I totally called that?), was really unexpected. While I have no doubts something tragic is going to happen (I can’t imagine the show with a baby in tow), I’m just as intrigued about how they’ll get there and the prospect that maybe tragedy won’t come.

The women were also rocking this week. Rebecca gave Marcus what he had coming to him in the, perfect moment to do so. Sally finally let herself go spectral and it was absolutely frightening. I cannot wait to see what Danny will have coming to him, but I’m sure it’s going to be sweet sweet revenge.

In the end, though, it was Bishop’s show again this week. A perfect counterpoint to last week’s flashbacks, we see how far Bishop has truly come. Killing Jane really took all of the humanity left in him. If he’s given up everything for the vampire world, by god, he’s going to have everything else. He’s a madman and the stakes are truly set high for Aidan. I cannot wait to see how the final two hours of this season shake themselves out.

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