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Being Human Recap, Episode 1.07

Josh comes out to his parents, Sally tries to warn Bridget about her fate and Aidan tries to prevent a vampire/werewolf war from starting.

“I See Your True Colors “¦ and That’s Why I Hate You”

Previously on: Danny’s an abusive bastard, Aidan chooses his roommates (and I can’t not think of Kelly Taylor’s “I choose me,” every time that clip is shown) and Marcus dug his own grave by attacking Emily.

“There’s a reason monsters hide under the bed. We’re more scared of you than you are of us,” Sally confesses in the voiceover. Aidan arrives at the hospital to find that Emily’s banged up, but mostly okay. Josh wants to know where Aidan was. Aidan wants to find who did this, but Josh says that’s too strong. It was probably just Drunk Emily antagonizing a drunk guy. He just wants Aidan to do nothing “¦ just to have watched her. Aidan wants to know what he looked like. Josh says she said his name was Marcus. Oh, shit … seriously, Marcus? Giving your real name? Do you have a death wish? Aidan confronts Bishop, asking if attacking 19 year old girls is part of the plan now. “Marcus was provoked by a lesser being, he retaliated.” Aidan tells Josh and Emily to get out of town because he needs to fix this. “Even a monster can be afraid of the darkness,” Sally reminds us.

Sally is back at Danny’s, trying to talk to Bridget. Bridget’s in denial, trying to ignore her. She just wants Sally to leave her alone. At home, Sally feels guilty for giving Bridget the OK to see Danny. Aidan tells her that maybe part of her closure is protecting Bridget and gives her an uplifting speech about how she was strong before Danny derailed her.

Emily doesn’t want to leave, but eventually agrees if Josh will take her home. On the drive, Josh gets flashbacks to the first time he turned into a werewolf. He’s afraid to go home, because he’s sure “there will be freaking.” When MamaJosh opens the door, she thanks him for bringing Emily home. It’s not the warmest welcome, but not the coldest either.

Bishop talks to Marcus about attacking Emily. It’s very clear now that this is all about his middle child syndrome with Aidan, and purely selfish. “Aidan never got himself into embarrassing situations like this,” Bishop informs him. “I think you’ve done enough.”

Upstairs, Josh finds a box of never-sent wedding invitations and Mom yells up wanting to know if he wants chicken. Josh is concerned that mom is acting weird; he wants a normal reaction, a guilt trip. “She’s terrified of losing you,” Emily explains. Josh wants to know why their Dad hasn’t made an appearance yet and Emily reveals that Dad doesn’t live at the house anymore. They separated after Josh left. As Josh confronts his mom about this new knowledge, Dad stops by. Josh explains that he lost it, flipped out, but he’s okay. So they don’t need to worry. It’s under control. “I’m actually sorta “¦ happy.” Dad thanks him for sharing that (we find out later that he’s a psychotherapist, which makes total sense). Josh wants them to stop being understanding, to shout at him. “So how long has it been?” Dad asks:  “How long have you thought you were a werewolf?” They found a journal that he left at home. He denies that he thinks he’s a werewolf and claims that those are notes for a graphic novel he’s writing. They all agree to just eat.

Sally goes to Danny’s to do some haunting. She’s changing channels, shaking lamps. He sees her reflection in the TV. He seems pretty freaked out, but then asks, “That’s the best you got? A busted lightbulb and some spilt beer? “¦ You’re more pathetic as a ghost than you were alive.” Danny spews some BS about how Sally wanted to just sit at home, that he didn’t make her give up her dreams, she wanted to. “You’re nothing. You’re dead.” And he’s finally happy. Oh, man, I hope that when this guy dies it hurts.

Josh and Dad sit and chat as they’re waiting for dinner. Josh remarks that at least his dad has his next book. Dad tries to delve more into the werewolf thing, but Josh requests that he not shrink him. The doorbell rings and Josh snarks, “I swear to god, if that’s my high school math teacher here for an intervention, I’ll cut my face off.” No high school teacher, just vampire roommie Aidan. Josh tells him to go away, but Mom invites him in. Over dinner, Mom is running the 20 questions about how they met and such. Emily reassures her that the place is nice: “Not your typical bachelor roofie den.” Mom wants to know if they’re happy “¦ together. Picking up on what Mom is assuming about them, Aidan tells them about Nora. The Graphic Novel book comes up in conversation. Aidan laughs. Aidan totally vouches that Josh isn’t a monster, but then starts vamping out. Uh oh! Garlic in the chicken! Seriously? I mean, I guess Aidan isn’t used to eating, so he wouldn’t check, but really?

Aidan needs feverfew to stop the vampire reaction. Josh doesn’t know what that is and the way Aidan says, “It’s an herb!” is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show. Josh gets all the tea and herbs in the house to see if that’ll help. When he brings them back, Aidan is naked and taking a bath. Hey now! Aidan pours all the teas into the water. When Josh gets back downstairs, Marcus is at the door. Oh, shit. Josh slams the door shut before Dad can invite him in and Aidan hears the door slam. When Dad opens the door again, shocked at Josh’s rudeness, Marcus is gone. Josh hands his dad a knife and explains that if he gets inside to cut his head off completely. He runs upstairs to find Aidan, but he’s already outside taking Marcus down. Marcus reveals that Bishop didn’t send him. He didn’t want him to mess with the “little princess.” Josh arrives outside with a stake, but Aidan’s got this. He kicks him a few more times, but Marcus walks away, throwing back “You and your doggy aren’t worth it.”

Sally tries talking to Bridget again. “I know you don’t want to admit it,” she empathizes with Bridget’s attempts to make it better, but reminds her that it’s not her,  it’s how Danny gets into their heads. Sally needs Bridget to understand what he did to her and takes possession of her hand to write, “He killed me.” Later that night, Bridget asks Danny how Sally died, and if he killed her. “How could you say that to me?” Danny asks, shocked. “Because that’s what she’s saying to me,” Bridget responds. Danny admits that it was an accident, but then lies and says that they were unhappy and he wasn’t himself because of it. “She was so strong “¦ she didn’t need me,” Danny offers. “So you had to beat me down?” Sally snarks as she watches. He tells Bridget about the fight and then says that Sally just fell. Bridget buys his sorry act, buys that it was an accident.

Dad thinks that Josh needs help, and really? Can you blame him? “There’s no way to fix what’s wrong with me,” Josh informs them. Some old school issues come out as Josh rails on his Dad for pushing him too hard, never seeing anything other than black and white. Dad only pushed because he thought that’s what Josh wanted. Josh doesn’t want to just leave his family again without any answers for them and he confesses that the journal wasn’t a graphic novel “¦ he really is a werewolf. Out on the porch later, Josh says it was strangely thrilling to say it to them, and yet anticlimactic. Aidan tried the same thing once; tried to reveal his secret to his wife and son. He thought they would understand. Josh asks what happened, but Aidan evades the question. Josh worries that Marcus will come back after his family again. Aidan, sarcastically, explains the best case scenario to Josh:

So you explain it to them and maybe one day they’ll even believe that you are a wolf. And so, they’ll build you a cage. And it’ll work. Every month, you’ll transform in the comfort of your own home, and in the morning, your parents will be waiting for you with food and water and they will clean you like the day that you were born, because “¦ because he’s not a monster. He’s our son. And he would never ever hurt us. So one day, someone will leave the cage unlocked because, what’s the worst that could happen? And brutally, against your human will, you will kill them all.

Oh, poor Aidan. Josh thinks he’s already hurt them too much not to try.

Aidan heads back to Boston and goes straight to the funeral home to confront Bishop and the suddenly much larger crew. Aidan says to stay away from his friends. Bishop says that they all understand that. “You stink like one,” Marcus throws at Aidan as he leaves. Bishop doesn’t like Marcus goading Aidan and then, I’m pretty sure he calls Marcus a mistake. Oh, snap!

Mom and Dad are making lunch together. Josh and Emily joke that their dad is going to run off with a 25-year-old and how jealous would they both be. Emily wants Josh to stay home for a while, she’ll even come home once a month and help out. They sit down for chicken sandwiches and aww, they’re so happy. Except for Josh. Emily catches his look.

Bridget goes to the house, looking for Sally. She apologizes for how Sally died and says she misses her, but this is the last time she’ll talk to her. She doesn’t want to be haunted, won’t acknowledge her. Sally warns that he’ll do it to her, too. Bridget wants her to accept it was an accident and move on. Later, Aidan comes home and asks Sally what happened. “The worst.” As they sit there in silence, Josh comes home and joins them.

A hearse drives down a dirt road and stops at an Amish woman. Marcus gets out and wants to “see them.” Creepy Amish Woman tells him that it’s still two hours until sundown, but Marcus is okay with waiting. She leads him into a barn where there are people sized cocoons hanging from the rafters. That’s new and creepy.

Being Human is at its best when it completely steps away from its U.K. origins and brings us something new. From Josh’s relationship with his family (we don’t know exactly how he left them this time, but one hopes that it wasn’t the same way as last time), to the fully-fleshed out Bridget, to the creepy cocoons in the Amish barn, there’s so much new going on that’s really exciting. From the previews, it looks like next week we’re getting another similar story (the “pedo” story for those interested) and we’ll see how that goes. That’s a particularly tough one to translate.

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