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Blame It On The Open Thread

Everyone seems to be feeling a little glum today.  I don’t know about you all, but I’m blaming it on the the rain.  What are you blaming your mood on?  Tell us that and all your other thoughts in the Open Thread!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Also–to all the Persephone editors and readers: So sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been in a funk. I’m not going to lie–I think I’m having GT withdrawl and it’s making me depressed. I need to keep at it with the Persephone OT’s!

I’m here! Hi!

I started writing this on my tumblr, after I left some dumb cryptic thing about needing to confess something–but I figure I should actually post here as this is better suited for responses:

You guys.

I’ve got it so bad for my therapist.

So bad.

Yeah I know, I’m a big dumb cliche. Everyone wants to fuck their therapist.

Let me also add, that he’s the first therapist I’ve ever had who has really, REALLY helped me. When I first started seeing him I told him what I wanted and needed and that I want to be pushed and challenged. I’ve been seeing him for over a year and I’ve changed so much, all in positive ways.

And no–I would certainly NEVER do anything, duh. Plus, he’s clearly not that kind of person (the fucks their patients, kind, that is).

But srsly. It’s not just the ol’ everyone-wants-to-fuck-their-therapist bit. I totally get the excited flutteries when I think about him. When we exchange emails (only professional, like confirming appointment times etc) I sit and stare at them and re-read them over and over.

It’s totally school girl crush. Just sitting and thinking and day dreaming about him.

I might flirt with him a tiny bit from time to time…sometimes I think he’s flirting back but I know I’m just projecting.

It went away for a little bit and now it’s back with a vengence. Always seems to be much stronger whenever we get into intense stuff and he’s pushing/challenging me (in a good way). The last two times I’ve seen him we’ve gotten into some REALLY good stuff and he gets a little authoritative with me and ohholyshit. I want to fuck the glasses right off of him.

BTW–I tend to do this with any males who are in any position of authority (which I know he isn’t but…you know what I’m sayin’) and remotely good looking. Which, by the way–he is. He totally fits my “type” which is tall, bearded, glasses, nerdy, stylish, super smart etc.

If nothing else–goddamn it is fun to have a crush, isn’t it?

I’ve been feeling very fragile all day, what with the horrific images coming out of Japan, continued violence in Libya, general asshattery in the US and my lover’s quarrel this morning, but dognabbit if this song doesn’t just turn my day around!

I need your etsy knowledge!!!!!

I used to have this awesome silver bird pendant, but I recently lost it. Sadface. This is the “recreation” (knockoff) of it.

Obviously I’d much rather support an etsy artist, but I’ve never ordered anything from etsy before. There are thousands, literally thousands, of silver bird pendants available. Can anyone point me to a shop or artist with good prices, quality, and turnaround time? If it’s your etsy shop, so much the better! I would love to support a fellow Persephoneer!

I’m looking for a smallish silver bird pendant on a silver chain. Also open to bird related things like feathers, or a small locket with a bird on it. I don’t want to spend more than $50. Thanks in advance!

I always try to tailor my search as much as you can (you can narrow by price range etc.) and then look at the reviews/ number of purchases. It’s worked well for me in the past! Also, you can always send a message to the owner of the store–interaction can give you a better idea if they are good with allowing returns etc. Good luck!

Hello! I’m a new kid.

I am down because I am absolutely exhausted by the constant assault on my profession. I’m a teacher. I love being a teacher. I thrive on watching my students’ brains snap and crackle on their endless search for knowledge and identity.

Every day on my way to work I hear that I suck. That I deserve no respect. That I should have no career stability. That my degree and my experience should not be considered as positives. Last night Wendy Kopp (Teach for America’s CEO) flat out said that her undergraduates without any teaching experience are better teachers than me and my colleagues.

The barrage. Its constant. Its exhausting. I’m feeling like I need to vent, hopefully to people who don’t immediately say the system is broken and bad teachers can’t get fired and charter schools are a magic pill.


I am a proud product of the public education system, from the state that has the lowest pay for public school teachers to boot! And still, they came out every day and challenged us and put everything into their work, and to me, it shows. Its clear that they are passionate about what they do, and the dedication and quality to their work far surpasses their pay grade.

Know that you are appreciated and that, IMO, your jobs is one of the most important out there!

As one of those undergraduates, I definitely would be lost without help and support from veteran teachers like you. You are amazing and it frustrates me so much that the national rhetoric on education is so divisive. Good, hardworking teachers should be celebrated, no matter who they are.

On another note, I’m wondering what y’all would do in this kind of a situation.

My S.O. has a friend who is also married. Naturally, as we’re still young and the majority of our other friends are still single, they’re inclined to invite us out to do things double-date style. We’ve been invited to their place for dinner this weekend, in fact.

Problem is, I find them to be boring. The guy and my S.O. like to talk about computers, technology, economics, business and things that really don’t interest me at all. From time to time, the topic will switch to politics, which is something I DO like, but I feel bad controlling what they should and should not talk about just because I find their other topics boring. This guy’s wife, though sweet, is either really shy or just content to sit politely by her husband’s side. I’ve had a hard time getting her involved in a real in-depth conversation. It doesn’t help that we mostly have to communicate in French for her sake, as I have more difficulty initiating conversation in my non-native tongue.

I really don’t want to go tomorrow. I sense it will be much the same, with the men pairing off and chattering about things that I don’t really know much about and leaving me to entertain his wife without anything to use from my “good dinner guest”arsenal.

But I also know we can’t (and really, we shouldn’t) cancel, because after all, this is a good friend of his and its not like they’re bad people. I just don’t have anything to talk about with them.

Is it bad that I’d much rather go out with our other couple friends, both of whom I find to be witty, intelligent, interesting and fun? Am I just being a stick-in-the mud about having to go to a dinner where I’ll have to entertain someone who I don’t really know?
Have y’all ever been in a similar situation? How do you deal with it?

Have you thought about mentioning this to your partner? Like, “Hey, I know you like hanging out with this guy, but sometimes it gets boring for me.” He might not even realize that it’s a problem. Especially if they’re wrapped up in conversation, he might just think that you and the other wife are amusing yourselves just fine.

I find that when the Mister and I do things with other coupled off friends, we end up playing cards or board games. People can have conversations while we’re playing the game, but it also gives something to talk about that includes everyone. That way, no one is off in the corner feeling uncomfortable and bored.

I was fine yesterday. But today has started out on the wrong flippin foot. Got into an inane argument with my S.O. Come to work, open the news and first thing I see is the earthquake in Japan. My uncle is married to a Japanese woman and her family lives on the eastern side of the island. Thank goodness her family is alright, but I keep replaying the clips of those horrible waves sneaking up on land in my head. I have a ton of work to do for school and for my internship, and I can’t seem to shake off this fog in my head. I just looked down and my favorite black skinny jeans have holes worn in on the inside of the thigh. Now I want to go get a coffee, and my S.O. asked me to wait for him because he wants to get one too… only it’s taking him 20 flippin minutes to do whatever he’s doing.


I think I’m going to go out this afternoon and buy myself a new pair of Levi’s.

Ever wish you could just turn your brain off?

I had an interview on Wednesday. It went well, I felt I did the best I could have, I really want the job–and it’s pretty competitive, so I keep replaying and analyzing over and over and over again. I know I’m just driving myself crazy for no good reason, it’s out of my hands now, but I can’t stop.

Christ on a cracker, reading the cray-cray comments on the MRA articles up right now on The Good Men project is terrifying and depressing. I mean, clearly there is a lot of worthwhile things a men’s rights movement could work for (paternity leave, equal parenting, a broader definition of masculinity), but I’m now pretty convinced most MRAs are scary, delusional misogynists.

Tonight I’m blaming:

1.) The patriarchy.
2.) The fact that after wrestling all afternoon with the creation of PREMIS, MIX and PBCore metadata records (Library Science – discipline of a million acronyms!), I still need to write 750 words describing the process.

On the other hand, the cold makes my kitties super cuddly, so I’m having trouble getting a full-on grump going.

So my boyfriend and I have been talking about this whole Sarah Palin Road to Ruin protest and I have been looking at the facebook pages of Tea Party and more specifically Sarah Palin supporters. Y’all there are some CRAZY people out there. One guy stated that they should protest the government for forcing us to buy healthcare that we don’t want and often don’t need. I don’t know about you guys but last time I checked the U.S was not the healthiest country in the world and A LOT of people go to the doctor and use their health insurance. I know that if I had some I would definitely be using it.And some other guy says that soon you will have to have a note to buy aspirin.There was another guy that wanted ALL environmental agencies defunded so that we can start drilling for oil and building industry.

I knew these people were crazy and the radicalism that is taking place lately is mind boggling and legitimately makes me scared for the future of this country

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