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Bones 1.02: “The Man in the SUV”

Bones is on hiatus this week, so we’re going to take another step back into the vault to recap a vintage episode. “The Man in the SUV” is the second episode of Bones and is a pretty straight-forward procedural episode, but gives us our first real glimpse at how the team works together.

Bones is on hiatus this week, so we’re going to take another step back into the vault to recap a vintage episode.

Outside the Arab-American Friendship League building, a man of Arab descent with a very scarred face and a briefcase leaves and gets into his car. Someone named Sahar calls him and they have a very heated conversation in another language as he drives (somewhat erratically). He pulls up outside and his phone rings again. A split second later, his car explodes.

The Man in the SUV

“The Man in the SUV” is the second episode of Bones and is a pretty straightforward procedural episode. The owner of the car is a White House consultant, so Booth is concerned that it’ll be a big national security issue if the owner is also the victim, as it was pretty clearly a case of domestic terrorism. Unfortunately, the victim was the owner, Hamid Masruk. His wife and brother are pulled in for questioning and his wife is adamant that it can’t be him. They love this country, they are Americans, she protests. Unfortunately, the information they’re getting from the remains is consistent with Hamid and the medical issues he was currently seeking treatment for.  Hamid is somewhat exonerated, though, when forensics come back on the bomb and it appears that the bomb was placed under the car and triggered by the odometer. It becomes clear that he was set up and murdered.

Looking for murder suspects, Booth’s intuition makes him suspect that Hamid’s wife Sahar was having an affair and sure enough, she was. They bring him in and just as they start questioning him, DHS comes in and lets the guy go; turns out that he’s a mole within the Arab community and DHS doesn’t want his cover blown. Next, they question Hamid’s brother again to find out if he knows anything about the medical conditions that Hamid had. Farid, the brother (who has converted to Christianity) doesn’t know anything that can help them, but agrees to let them see his medical records. On further inspection of the remains, they realize that there wasn’t a degenerative disease affecting Hamid, but a toxin. After ruling out his wife’s lover, they turn to finding the location the bomb was made by tracking down a rare type of gypsum that was in the bomb. They track it down to the brother’s house and when they go back there, they find that his Christianity was just an act: he’s been making bombs in his basement and the toxins in those bombs were getting both Farid and Hamid sick. With Farid and another bomb gone, they realize he must be planning another suicide bombing.

They find out what events are going on and track him down to the Peace Conference at the  Hamilton Cultural Center. After some tense moments trying to spot him in the crowd, we see Booth’s marksmanship skills for the first time as he manages to shoot Farid before he triggers the bomb. That night, in the Chinese restaurant as Brennan and Booth celebrate another case solved, Booth says there’s nothing to celebrate in taking someone’s life. Brennan reminds him of the people he saved.

In the B-story, Angela couldn’t deal with the gore of the remains initially and for some reason, decided to stalk Booth’s girlfriend Tessa (yay, Anne Dudek!) instead. She’s the one that’s really pulling for Booth and Brennan to happen, but Brennan keeps trying to tell her that she’s perfectly happy with her WWI soldier remains. Sure enough, at the end of the episode, Brennan sends Booth home to Tessa and she IDs some unknown soldier’s remains, completely fulfilled.

While this episode was pretty formulaic, it was nice to see the team working together in each of their particular capacities for the first time. While the heart of this show is the interpersonal relationships, seeing how all the squints work with each other and Booth and the rest of the government organizations. Next week, we’re back to new episodes with Brennan visiting a corpse farm!

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