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Bones Recap 6.15: The Killer in the Crosshairs

This week, after finding a dead counterfeiter (who was in the witness protection program), Booth instantly recognizes the bullet and style as Jacob Broadsky and the team works not only to figure out exactly how Broadsky”™s victim was killed, but who the next one might be.

PSAs Kids: Remember to add time to your DVRs. The never-ending show that is American Idol is the Bones lead-in now. Also, I’m trying a new, more free-form, commentary recap style this week. Let me know how you like it in the comments.

Previously on Bones, before we started recapping, there was a serial killer called the Gravedigger, who operated by kidnapping children and burying them alive. After over a season, they discovered the killer’s identity and the Gravedigger was put on trial. This season, at one of the Gravedigger’s appeal hearings, the killer was struck with a sniper’s bullet. Throughout that episode, Booth discovered that the sniper was Jacob Broadsky, whom he served with in the Gulf. Unfortunately, Broadsky got away.

This week, after finding a dead counterfeiter (who was in the witness protection program), Booth instantly recognizes the bullet and style as Jacob Broadsky and the team works not only to figure out exactly how Broadsky’s victim was killed, but who the next one might be.

The bulk of this week’s episode focuses on Booth’s insecurities and assurance that he and Broadsky are nothing alike. While Brennan keeps bringing up the similarities, and asking Booth what Broadsky might do (with the inference that because they’re both snipers, they think along the same lines), Booth fights against these inferences every time. Not helping Booth’s resolve is the fact that Caroline Julian (the federal prosecutor who assists them with many cases) is somewhat lackadaisical about catching Broadsky at first. In her eyes, he’s cleaning up after things that they’re unable to, so he’s not at the top of her list of concern. It’s only after Broadsky confronts Booth in his own home and ominously states that if Booth gets in his way, he won’t hesitate to make his son fatherless that Caroline becomes convicted to taking him down.

After realizing that Broadsky must have had an inside man in the US Marshalls office, Booth tracks down Paula Ashwaldt, a former soldier that served in the 4th Bridgade Combat Team, which Broadsky helped save on one occasion. He confronts Ashwaldt, who refuses to talk to him until he points out that one of Broadsky’s victims was  an innocent girl who just happened to live in the apartment that Broadsky needed. Shaken by her complicity in that death, she ask, “soldier to soldier,” for some time to do the right thing. Which is to shoot herself at her desk. Broadsky throws this back at Booth when he confronts him, making him aware that the only completely innocent person to die so far was Ashwaldt… and that’s on Booth’s head. Broadsky claims his conscious is clear and we start to wonder whether he’s getting to Booth now.

Booth is so shaken by his encounters with Broadsky and by Brennan’s comparisons that he seeks out Sweets advice, confiding to him that he just doesn’t understand what happened to Broadsky… what gives him the right to make these calls. Sweets suggests that that’s the way that Broadsky deals with causing the death of another person. He convinces himself that he has the moral high ground. Booth wonders about himself, but Sweets assures him that in his opinion he’s healthy, he accepts it, deals with his reality. “It’s a testament to you that you’ve built this life with friends and family that love and respect you.” Booth is still uneasy with thinking that Brennan thinks that taking a life is easy for him, but he is hesitant to talk to her about it.

When they figure out where Broadsky’s next target set-up is, Booth goes to get his equipment, but Brennan stops him. She needs to know what it’s about for him. Is it about killing Broadsky or stopping him. Booth asks for her trust and receives it. Up on the roof, Booth can get a sight on Broadsky, but needs Brennan to be his spotter. He only manages to get a shot off at Broadsky’s gun, and Broadsky manages to get away again, but at least he doesn’t get his victim.

Decompressing that night at the Founding Fathers, Booth confesses to Brennan that he doesn’t like that she thinks he and Broadsky are alike. She tells him that factually, they are, but they’re different in the important ways. Booth requests she explain it in “teeny tiny words,” and she replies “Broadsky is bad, you are good.” When Booth points out that she doesn’t believe in absolutes like that, she qualifies that it’s from where she stands. And where is that? “Right beside you, Booth”¦ like I always will.”

In the B-plot, Angela’s dad comes into town and informs Angela that her baby’s name came to him in a song. Staccato Mamba. Hodgins is not overjoyed and, in fact, says it’s not gonna happen. The baby will be called either Michael Joseph or Catherine Temperance. Once Billy leaves, though, Hodgins realizes that he may have stood up too far. He ends up kidnapped via tequila again with another tattoo (this one dedicated to his dear father-in-law), but the right to name his child whatever they want. Victory!

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