Cheap Weekend Fun: Declutter and Cash In

Ah, it’s Friday! It’s been a weird week of extreme good and extreme not-good in my world this week. Anyway, onto the weekend. At the beginning of Lent, I embarked on a 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, where my goal has been to get rid of at least one bag each day during Lent. It’s an exercise in cutting the clutter to focus on what’s important. How does this translate into cheap weekend fun?

Because you can sell your bags!

It’s spring, and garage sale season is already off to a brisk start. Here in suburbia, most neighborhoods have a set weekend or two where everyone has a sale at the same time. Never hosted one before? Read this tutorial for tips. There are options though, if you’re not up for hosting a sale, there are other ways to clean out your space and make money at the same time.

Going through clothing? Consider a consignment shop.

Clearing out bookshelves? Consider selling them to a used book store.

Getting rid of things your kids have outgrown? Try a consignment shop just for kids’ stuff. Groups often put on seasonal consignment sales where for a small fee, you can set your own prices and get back some of the money you’ve spent so you can reinvest in the next size up.

Finished with your roller blades, hockey stick or other equipment? There are stores that will buy your used sporting equipment.

There are, of course, online options for decluttering by selling.

eBay is a great option if you don’t mind shipping your items. Because shipping is involved, eBay works best for smaller items.

Craigslist is the website that directs you to local items for sale. Remember the classifieds of a paper newspaper? They’re like that, only it’s online.

Try a little de-cluttering for cash your next free weekend. Instead of spending money, earn some money and some free space in your abode.





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I got rid of some books today! However, I gave them to the local public library, which I think is the better thing to do, because public libraries are awesome.

I was actually going to give them to the used book store first, but then the guy at the counter told me to give it to the library.

Our library takes donations and then has their own books sales, I think.

Donations to charity are usually the way I go — for the purpose of this post, I wanted to focus on how to turn it into money. We’ve been blessed with so much kids stuff, I never sell it. I just pass it on — it’s karma thing ;)

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