Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!

Persephone crew, let’s be honest. Most of us check out the Cheap Weekend Fun section as a way to fill our hearts and minds for the very best under five bucks. While times are tight and there’s no better feeling than when you can feel like a millionaire by stretching your dollar as far as it can go, I’m thinking this weekend we can do a cheap weekend fun favor for a few folks who need some serious funds. With some serious crises out and about, one of the best ways we can spend our hard-earned cash this weekend is to help out others. Here is a list of a few places that would love your good nature.

Google Crisis Response for Japan: Completely certified and gives the option of donating multiple funds or just to one charity out of four. Between the Japan Red Cross Society, Unicef, Save the Children, International Medical Corps, Mercy Corps, and American Red Cross, there are plenty of options, all going to help the people of Japan. The great thing about the Google Crisis Response Page is that it also offers a Person Finder for those who are looking for someone/have information about someone.

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support: A coalition of three groups, HEART_Tokushima, Animal Garden Niiagata, and Japan Cat Network.  The coalition hopes to provide shelter space, veterinary care, and ongoing rescue and reconnection efforts. I know y’all saw that video of the sad dog.

Betterplace: Emergency Fund for Libya: Donating to Libya can be a bit tricky; Gadafi and his family back and run many charities in Libya, and the last thing you want to do is give them a bit of spending money. Betterplace provides emergency aid for civilians, going specifically to Libyan Doctors for Hospitals and The German Medical Aid Organization.

Planned Parenthood: Plenty of you know about this – between the most extreme abortion laws seeing light since Roe v. Wade, to the ongoing attack on this health care center, and the continual attack on the right to choice and family planning, Planned Parenthood is in need of a buck or two. I know many of you attended the rallies a few weeks back, but here is another chance to show some more love.

PBS and NPR: The House passed a bill yesterday to defund  NPR and PBS  of federal funding. Even though All Things Considered can feel like slow-drip water torture, I still love Kitchen Talk and Science Fridays. And PBS? I don’t know how I would get through my work week without my TV friends Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Gwen Ifill, and my ultimate cure for insomnia, the sleep-inducing Antiques Roadshow.

So what say you, Persephone crew? I know most of you have probably already donated, being as awesome as you all are. But while you’re out this weekend, think about donating a dollar, even five dollars, to one of these causes. While it won’t fill you with the same instant satisfaction like the best place to get cheap dumplings or a freebie activity that will entertain you all weekend will, it will help out a whole lot.

If you have any suggestions on other worthwhile places for your hard-earned cash to go, write ’em down!


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You are anti-All Things Considered?!! I’m sorry–I don’t think we can be friends anymore. :) But we can definitely both donate to NPR! I donate at least once a year, more if I can (my husband and I try to make a donation once a month to a variety of charities, a brilliant idea we got right here on Persephone).

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