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It seems like there are new Persephoneers joining us every day (yay!), so this week, we’ll be taking a look back at some of our posts you may have missed. Also, it’s exam week for paperispatient, plus today is our anniversary (we are accepting e-cards and cash donations as gifts), so frankly, we feel justified in phoning this one in.We’ve received a couple questions/suggestions for future columns and no worries, we’re not ignoring them and we’ll be back with new posts next week.

But as for our existing material, if you’re looking for an overall primer on how to be good at sex, our article How To Be Good At Sex covers the bases pretty well. (Hint: Maxim‘s “How to Cure a Feminist” article was not a source.) And speaking of shitty magazines, we also have some reviews of shitty sex advice; so you new readers better be damn grateful we took one for the team so you wouldn’t have to suffer through the Cosmo Kama Sutra yourselves.

If, however, you enjoy some suffering now and then, we’ve discussed how to mix a little pain in with your sex, how to navigate your kinks in the broader context of your sex life, and how to set the appropriate boundaries, in addition to our recent twopart Bondage 101 series. And if you’re looking to accessorize your boudoir, we refer you here for info on cock rings, here for an introduction to toys and/or cufflinks for the male-bodied among us, and most certainly not here for some of the most disgusting products ever to masquerade as pleasantly flavored.

Also, butts. And more butts.

A grey and white cat, sporting a festive yet sophisticated red collar, peers pensively over the edge of what appears to be a washing machine, though one is inclined to imagine that he perceives it as some sort of elaborate command center. His countenance suggests an initial skepticism giving way to a rather bemused approval. He pauses to collect his thoughts, gently raises his left paw as if directing an orchestra to a gentle crescendo, then declares authoritatively, "This is relevant to my interests." A hush falls over the crowd as they await his next proclamation, but no further statement is forthcoming. The cat has spoken, and that shall suffice.

If you enjoy porn and/or erotica but want some tips on how to find female-pleasure-focused entertainment, we’ve got a few suggestions here.

Finally, when we don’t have questions from our fellow Persephoneers to answer, we like to explore some of our own. You can find the first two posts in our Sexual Mythbusters series here and here, and we always appreciate suggestions for more topics from our beautiful sexy readers.


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