Indiana’s Planned Parenthood Funding in Danger

Representatives Mike “All Up in Your Ladybusiness” Pence (R), Matt Ubelhor (R) and Eric Turner (R) of Indiana have introduced two bills which have swept the House and are waiting to go to the Senate.  Yesterday, six demonstrators from Ohio (what, no laws to fight at home?) who represent Operation Rescue staged a support protest on the steps of Indiana’s statehouse. 

Currently, since our Dems are still even further west, in Illinois, the bills were unable to go to a vote, but it looks like Planned Parenthood’s days are numbered in Indiana.

House Bill 1205, authored by Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Bloomfield, will completely eliminate any government funding for Planned Parenthood. House Bill 1210, by Eric Turner, R-Marion, will require doctors to tell women seeking abortions that having an abortion will increase the woman’s risk of breast cancer.  Which is bullshit.

Indiana lawmakers supporting the funding ban and bullshit campaign claim cutting funding for Planned Parenthood will save Hoosiers $350,000,000 in abortions.  Which is bullshit for many reasons, the highlights of which I’ve got below.

1. Federal funding isn’t used to pay for abortion services at Planned Parenthood.  Abortion costs are paid by the patient and supplemented with private donations.

2. Indiana’s branches of Planned Parenthood don’t cost $350,000,000.

3. Eliminating the primary source for young or poor women to get affordable reproductive health care – including pre-natal care – will cost Indiana way more than continuing the fraction of the percent of our budget used to supplement PP’s budget.

I think Whoopie says it best, here:

All the girls are in danger if we take away their best option to manage their own reproductive health.

For more information on Indiana’s many proposed laws to take away agency from Hoosier women, read this stomach churning list. I think many of our Indiana lawmakers would like women seeking abortion to face a panel of people screaming “LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION! BABY PAIN! CANCER! SLUT!” through the whole process.

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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5 replies on “Indiana’s Planned Parenthood Funding in Danger”

F’ing Indiana. You make me sad I ever moved here. I knew a majority of Hoosiers were a bunch of crazy “keep the government outta my Medicare” Republicans, but I thought I could be brave in the face of the insanity.

Indiana! You don’t have funding for lots of nice things. Quality park districts, for one thing. Decent urban public education, for another, more important thing. Let’s not take away something that the young women of this state really, really need access to. Yes, that means abortions and birth control. But, as Selena pointed out, it also means inexpensive reproductive healthcare and prenatal care. For those most precious, sacred and holy of God’s creations, fetuses.

I work at a large, urban Indiana university. Ask me if the female students here have easy and inexpensive access to reproductive care on campus. No, seriously, ask me.

Also, though I love you, awesome-job-that-keeps-me-in-yoga-pants-and-gummi-bears, today you suck. There is a Planned Parenthood rally at the Statehouse today (less than 10 minute walk away!) and I cannot join. Cannot stand with those who actually help women in this state.

Oh, and Mike Pence? You are seriously coming close to winning Asshole of the Year. Please, please do not run for Governor. I may not like Mitch Daniels and he is not, in fact, My Man Mitch, but at least he has the sense to point out that now is the time to focus on economic and financial stability. NOT on moral and social issues.

AMEN. Walling up 465 so the Super Bowl fans can’t see how much of our city is on the verge of being decimated by a lack of financial stability is not the answer. Taking away PP, which it can be argued can help save Hoosier taxpayers money in healthcare costs by keeping young women healthy and having healthy babies who grow up into healthy, working Hoosiers, is going to cost ten times more than it might save. /ranty run-on.

And as I understood it, Mitch already signed that executive order that essentially took away the collective bargaining rights of state employees without much of a hullabaloo.

And yes, I think the Republicans in the House have decided that since the Dems are taking a stand and visiting Illinois, they are simply going to throw every piece of conservative BS they can up and see what hits a nerve. See what gets people talking and then point fingers at the Democrats and say, “Well, if they’d just show up for work, we could get this done for you! But they won’t, so we can’t. Sorry. Not our fault.” And then not admitting that if there was actually a working legislature session going on, they wouldn’t bother with these issues.

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