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It’s The Monday Night Open Thread!!

Let out everything you’ve been holding in all day in here, Persephoneers.   It’s open thread time.

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Have any of you ladies ever been poorly managed? I had an amazing manager in at my store for most of the day, but I was closing and so our owner/big-boss-manager took over between the hours of 5 and 7 after Awesome Guy left.

This guy has been working there for 25 years and just. Sucks as a manager. I had a grumpy guy stomp in and demand that I check on the status of a book order for him, something I can’t do with my puny-part-timer database clearance, and when I told him that the woman who runs our section (and had just gone home) was the only person who could check this for him, he goes “I’ve been here [referring to the university at which I work] for 35 years, you don’t think I know that by now?” Sorry Prof Whoever, I don’t know your grumpy ass from Adam. He comes behind my desk and starts looking through the stacks of holds, TOUCHING OTHER PEOPLE’S ORDERS WTF, I get up in case he starts shoving the books around.

So Bad Manager wanders over and tries to smooth things over. I assure to him that this is really not a thing I can do for the customer, so he chooses to have a little old-man aren’t-we-so-alike chuckle with Grumpy Prof over my supposed incompetence (?!?). While I am sitting 2 feet away. So much for defending your employee.

Then later that night he didn’t know how to use the phone and put his feet up on my desk to talk for 20min after I set up his call for him.

Manager horror stories go here.

Ugh. I’m sorry. I have had several bad managers, mostly infighting retail stuff, but two particularly awful bosses stand out:

1. Passive aggressive boss at my work study job sophomore year of college. She left notes, talked about me behind by back, and eventually failed to renew my work study while I was abroad. So I had to find a different job on campus from Russia. Not awesome.

2. The canvass director for a fundraising campaign I worked on last summer. He was an alcoholic who was making up credit card numbers to boost his fundraising totals. He once broke into my apartment at 2am while he was drunk because he needed a place to sleep after his wife kicked him out.

People who don’t know how to do their jobs, for any reason, are so frustrating! And it is much much worse when those people are your manager.

Soccer related complaints:

(1) The USA-Argentina (soccer) match was on Saturday in NJ. Before the match, there was a moment of silence for the Japanese earthquake/tsunami. Well, there was supposed to be a moment of silence, but some motherfucker thought that it would be a good time to scream “Konnichiwa, bitches!”

(2) I can’t stand the USMNT. Don’t get me wrong, they have fantastic players (e.g. Tim Howard) and coach Bradley is doing a good job. But the players (Donovan and Dempsey I’m looking at you in particular) need to calm the fuck down about “why don’t Americans get more respect.” The US is respected, but D&D & co. think that they should be thought of in the same league as Spain.

And Alexi Lalas, that’s great that you were the first American to play in Italy. But you’re weren’t the American equivalent to Park, Berbatov, Hagi or even Pjanic.

The amount of people that have been saying stuff like “The tsunami was payback for Pearl Harbor!’ and “They are Buddhists, right?!, well karma is a bitch” is completely disgusting.

1) Dropping two nukes on them was more than enough
2) Nobody deserves to have thousands die in this way.

You would hope that events like this would bring people together but all it has done was reinforce my disgust with some Americans these days.

I just want to say that I am in Mexico City for spring break visiting my in-laws and I thought I would have to suffer a week with no internets- but it turns out they have wireless so I am good to go.

(Last time I visited they only had the one computer and wired internet- and I felt awkward asking to use their computer all the time).

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