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It’s the Tuesday De-Lurk-A-Thon

It’s Tuesday night, most of tonight’s TV is reruns, why not pop in and say hello in the open thread? It’s been another awesome day at Persephone, we’ll be back tomorrow with even more wordy goodness.  While you’re deciding what to post, sing along with the following video.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I’m back from vacation, peoples! Our flight (the last in to town last night) was delayed, so I didn’t end up getting home until almost 2am. My alarm came way too early this morning. And the 100 e-mails (give or take) waiting for me, and the two inch stack in my inbox make me saaaaaaaaad.

BUT, apparently there are all manner of changes to PM in my absence. Namely, pictures embedded. So… hiiiiiiiiii!

PS, I meant to say, I have always loved this song. I got so distracted by the Tennant that I forgot to mention it.

I particularly enjoy the “subtle” innuendo. “Don’t go too fast, but I go pretty far” and “You’ve got something for me”? Puh-lease. I know what you’re talking about, girl.

I’m here! On my lunchbreak at work. Unfortunately I have nothing exciting to report- I’m up to my elbows in rock samples and paperwork, and it’s raining which makes me grumpy. Hmph!

Perhaps we should start a GMTers group, do you think there are enough of us to keep it lively?

On Sunday night my boyfriend told me I had to work harder at having a relationship with his parents, and they’re upset that we have been dating for a year and a half and they don’t know me. I’m in therapy for social phobia and have a hard time opening up to people so that sucks. THEN it turns out they didn’t say that – they’re upset that at his sister’s wedding a couple weeks ago, their son chose to stay with me, his girlfriend, instead of “having fun.” We walked around, talked to people, socialized, and danced a little, but somehow, I apparently ruined my boyfriend’s night because he didn’t boogie down for three hour straight. I had taken an Ativan and felt very slow, so I couldn’t exactly bust a move, but we still danced. And he told me that they were upset they didn’t know me better because he knew how hard I worked at the wedding not to have a panic attack, and he thought I would be hurt more. I am hurt either way! Social phobia is something that I have lived with for a long time, but it has been more of a struggle since undergrad. Most people are surprised to learn I have it because I am very good at superficial talk. I just fear developing relationships because I am afraid of rejection/I feel awkward. But I do have it, and it sucks. I have been getting better at talking to them, so it hurt just as much to hear they think I’m rude because they don’t really know me. So I talked to the boy and we decided to have them over to my apartment for dinner and tell them about the social phobia thing. That’s a hard decision for me to make because it’s embarrassing and I’m worried they’re going to think I’m weird or broken, or they’re going to evaluate my progress in secret, and I don’t want my mental health to be a thing. But now it turns out that his mom is out of town for like, ever, and won’t be able to have dinner for four weeks or something, and now I have four weeks to agonize and practice what I am going to say and then convince myself I just shouldn’t say anything, or I should just not talk to anyone ever again and then people will just think I’m mute and leave me alone, but then I won’t be a very good trial lawyer, so it totally won’t work.


I’m planning on getting my first tattoo tomorrow! I’ve got to iron out the logistics a bit (money procuring, sketching the design I want, actually finding the shop) but this is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past year and a half and I won’t get a better opportunity than tomorrow so I’m ready.
My only worry is that the fact that my eczema might keep me from getting one. It doesn’t happen on the place where I want to get it (upper chest), but I’m scared that my skin will react badly, or that they’ll refuse outright, but I don’t know if I’ll ever completely be rid of it so…

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