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It’s the Weekend Open Thread!

And it’s about five hours early!  We’ve eaten our way through another server, and we have to move to a bigger one.  In like 24 hours.  So.  Open thread!

There may be times over the weekend when you can’t get on here, don’t panic! We’ll be back at 100% by Monday, and hopefully won’t be down more than an hour or so total.  (Please to knock wood, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, pray, what have you.)  I’m going to do the move in the middle of the night when we’re at our slowest, but there may be snafus.  There are usually snafus, but I haven’t hit one I couldn’t solve or work around yet.  (Knock more wood.)

Middlemarch voting will close at 6pm, EST, or an hour after this thread opens, and I’ll share the results on Monday.

Now get to chatting, why don’t ya?

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Happy Monday, everyone. The last week was one of real highs and lows for me so hopefully this one will be a little more steady, but there is a lot going on. Major wedding planning events happened last weekend so I’ll likely still be working on that through the week, and I also have a job interview this week! I finish up my MA in a couple of months and it’s exciting to see some potential employment maybe on the horizon. It’s in my field (the arts) and everything, something I was not overly hopeful of finding with the current economy. It’s just a first interview but perhaps a good sign of things to come since I have a little time left before I have to feel completely desperate and someone is showing interest in my skills.

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a nice weekend? Mine was gloriously unproductive: for the first time in weeks (months?) I managed to stay away from the computer for two whole days, and I loved it!

This got me thinking about the way I organize my time and my workload, and this got me wondering how other people do it. So, those of you who work partly or mostly from home: how do you keep your work time and your personal time separate? How do you establish boundaries between work life and personal life?

PS – Are there any Lady Gaga fans in the house? I’ve been indifferent at best, but she did an awesome thing this past weekend. She had a concert in my hometown, and she called out our local State Senators BY NAME who oppose marriage equality, and tweeted their contact information.

Crazy antics as she may usually have, I think it was great. One of the guys she called out works pretty closely with our office, and I’m half tempted to call his COS to see if they’ve gotten lots of e-mails about it. Ha ha ha ha.

I’m supposed to see him for a meeting on Saturday, so I may poke then when they have a little more distance from it. I’m sure that the first office day after that is not going to be pleasant, plus there’s session today. But if he calls here for something (which he does a few times a week) and I get him on the phone, you’d better believe I’m going to tease him about it.

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