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Just Can’t Get Enough Open Thread

You know what to do.  DAHNCE! Seriously, this song is one of those that if I am at some sort of a dance bar venue, I am the obnoxious girl screaming, “Omigod this is mah soooonnnngg we have to dance!” and stomping all over everyone around you.  So … dance and talk about things that interest you!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I am so tired. This was Bossman’s first day in the district office in two whole weeks. (He was on vacation last week and in the Capitol for most of this week.) We have two staff out for family death business (one’s aunt died, one is the one-year memorial of her grandmother’s death). One has a cold. One was out at neighborhood office hours. Which means just the one other person and me managing Bossman, the phone, and his back-to-back appointments all day. And she had to leave because she had an appointment to look at venues with her mom for a big family event that she’d made last week before we realized that the office would be deserted today.

So now it’s just Bossman and me. And the phone. And the door. And I had an 8am bullshit community partners meeting to start my day, and I am so tiiiiiiiiired. I just want to go home, and it is only 2:30, and I can’t even duck out early because no one else is here. Boo!

Ordered stuff from Sephora. Want it to be here now. If I had a local Sephora, I would’ve gone there, but nooooo I had to go and move away from the town with a Sephora. Plus side, now I have Wegman’s.

Also want my federal tax refund.

I want a lot of things lately.

Interview went well. They let me know that they liked my well-written cover letter and were impressed by my resume and that overall, my application clearly stood out. They also said that they have no doubts about me being able to do the job. I’m in the top 2 for the position now and I’ll hear more next week.
The interview was nice and relaxed and I really liked the atmosphere. So here’s me hoping!

Grrrr the video won’t load for me, maybe it’s some kind of copyright issue… CURSES!

Anyway, give me ANYTHING by Depeche Mode and I am on the floor within the first 8 bars, flailing like a baboon ;) Saw them live in 2006 and it was EPIC!

Right now I’m loving this band: <- Hurts – they sound like the illegitimate child of Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys ;) They're coming to my country and playing on March 20th, already have my ticket yaayyyy!

Also: Sleigh Bells! Crown on the Ground is my Friday mix :)

By ‘flashy things’, do you mean like auto-loading videos and animated images and that sort of thing..? If you use Firefox or Chrome (I’m not 100% sure on how IE and Safari work with this), you can get the FlashBlock and AdBlock add-ons, which stop all videos and ads from auto-loading and thereby slowing down your connection. I use them religiously (especially at work), since I hate being ‘forced’ to view these elements (and sometimes they can be very NSFW).

When you install the add-ons, and restart the browser, you’ll see that instead of an auto-loading video there will be a window with the Flash logo – just click that and then you can view the video/ad.

Flashblock add-on:

Ad-block add-on:

They don’t work with the banner on the top of the page, but you can always pause the animation of that by pressing the ‘pause’ button in the lower right corner.

Hope this helps, and apologies if I’m beating a dead horse here ;)

This is one of my “aah we have to dance!” songs – even right now, in my bathrobe at my desk, I can’t sit still while listening to it.

In other news, happy Friday everybody! It’s really gross out and I’m spending most of my day helping my department get ready for and entertain some visiting prospective students. :\ How about the rest of you?

Good morning guys! It’s the day of my job interview (at 2pm!!) and my boss just put me on a big project. An interesting one. But I’m not worried. IF I should get the other job? I still have time enough in my current position to do my part in the project and get the experience.

If not? Well, then I at least know that every once in a while, very rarely, SOME interesting stuff happens.

YAAAH, this is my favorite of her songs. I have never seen the video though; it’s great because that’s how you’d imagine one would sing, if they were walking down the city street. It was my anthem for some time. The lyrics are fierce.

So I took my good fortune/And I fantasize about leaving/ Like some modern-day gypsy landside/ like some modern day bonnie and clyde.

Kudos to you for getting up on time. Whee! I finished my edits on my project and now I have a Friday and weekend off until they get back to me.

Good Fortune was my anthem too when I was a sophomore in college! I have so much love for PJ… I’ve only seen her live once, but I have this plan to frame the tickets with a couple of pictures and two guitar picks (that my partner dove for as soon as she left the stage) and hang them in place of honor.

Congrats on finishing the report, and yay for having three days off! Are you going to do something interesting? My big plans for tomorrow involve getting a much-needed haircut (my pixie cut is evolving into teen-wolf style) and getting out of the house for some fresh air before my eyes turn computer-screen-shaped.

Oh Brilliant. I think she would be so great live!

This weekend includes; dinner with Mr. Blue at a new restaurant tonight (yay), and then an outdoor, wine-y picnic on Sunday with friends in the park. They have a live jazz show every so often, and encourage people to bring food and blankets and wine and the like. It is: fun!

I was supposed to get up at 7 in order to tidy up before my sister arrives for a visit. Instead I hit snooze for 45 minutes. The shame. I’ll blame it on the current cold snap – everyone knows that when the air outside the bed is colder, the inside is snugglier and more irresistable.

I’m in work now, and I can’t get Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ out of my head. Looking forward to a weekend of fun and relaxation with the little sibling.

Yeah, the cold makes it even more difficult to get out of bed, I’m really looking forward to the Spring so I can get up to a not-freezing apartment and to earlier and earlier sunrises.

I’m still on Adele’s 19, I didn’t even know she had released more stuff (yes, I do live under a rock, why do you ask?). Off to check it out in Spotify!

Right now I’m jamming out to Jennifer Lopez’s “On the floor.” With all the sad Fiona Apple, Adele, Portishead, and 90’s era Boyz II Men type ballads I have been wallowing in for the past 8 months since my breakup, JLo is a surprising yet welcome release.

OK, I need to vent a little. I just got home from an early childhood education grad class. We talked about race and culture tonight. You can imagine some of the views that my peers have; one fellow teacher was adamant that her Black students need to assimilate into her classroom culture of respect. I should mention that she specified that her classroom culture isn’t “White” (right…) and that these students are obviously disrespectful because they are black.
I am so worked up right now. How do I even deal with this lady?

Sounds like this lady is pretty ignorant. I had an experience with someone like her, one of my clients. (I was planning her wedding). She was white, and a piano teacher. She was venting about some of her students not practicing enough, then winked at me and said “I sure wish more of them were Asian. I bet you practiced all the time. I really admire you guys because you always want to be perfect.” The hell??  First of all, just because I’m Asian the bitch assumed I played an instrument as a child? And that “WE” want to be perfect? I asked her what she meant and her answer was that she gets irritated with her white students because they should know better, but it’s not the black students’ fault because they probably don’t have support at home, or a piano for that matter. I was speechless. I worked on her wedding for 2 more weeks and then gave the account and commission to a coworker. I SO regret that I didn’t give her a piece of my mind at the time. So my advice to you is, tell her how you feel.

I actually did speak up in class and I was (pleasantly) surprised by all the people who supported me. I’ll admit I did feel a little bad because it seemed that everyone turned out to be ‘against’ this other teacher– but that’s good in the long run for her to see that her views are not as mainstream as she believes.
I am glad that I spoke up, because I wonder how many times she has said that igonrant *ish and had people just nod for fear of starting a disagreement. She can’t use the excuse of being ignorant if people educate her on the subject.
I totally know how you feel about not giving that a bride a piece of your mind though…

So. I’m moving on Saturday. Sort of on a whim i had about three weeks ago that I Just Can’t Take This Shit Anymore about my crummy food job, and tips, and crummy pay. Unfortunately, the Job I Really Wanted said no. But I’m moving anyway, cause I am not riding this one out till I’m miserable.

But I was packing today, and it took a scant three hours to pack up most of my life. And realize how much crap I am donating, because my crummy ex gave it to me and I want nothing to do with it. Also that I am about to move states and completely *alter my life* has struck me off and on today. Weird.

Best of luck with your move! Are you going far? I don’t know if this will be reassuring but I just moved halfway across the country and landed an awesome job and made very good friends. I still miss my old city, but a move turned out pretty good for me.

Eazy E! Wow haven’t heard that song for so long. Is that the one that has a line that goes something like “Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, you ho!” ? Ha! Also, if woo girls is a How I Met Your Mother reference, I think I love you. If not, still awesome.

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