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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 12

Miracles really do happen in Neptune because the school’d guidance counselor has been awarded a grant to study grief.  This is pretty much never heard of for a random social worker in a public school, but I guess that’s how they work in Neptune.  Also, the students hit hardest hit by Lilly’s death are “mandated” to speak with the guidance counselor.  Ethics violation, much?  But, this social worker is going to need to suspend disbelief for this episode and just enjoy the secrets that are bound to come up because our girl Veronica has bugged the guidance counselor’s office.  Ethics violation for an ethics violation, I guess.  Meanwhile, the mystery of the week is that a student has snitched on V for making fake IDs.  A Neptune High student used the fake ID to get drunk at a bar, and he is now hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.One of the things I like about Veronica is that she’s always one step ahead of inept Sheriff Lamb, but not this time, so when the sheriff raids her locker and a bunch of fake IDs fall out, she’s totally unprepared.  Things aren’t looking good for our heroine, because her wallet is full of all manner of fake IDs, from massage therapist to San Diego State student.  <sigh> V, you gotta keep that stuff locked up until you need it.  Veronica is arrested, and bailed out by Cliff, Neptune’s Only Lawyer because Papa Mars is out in Arizona chasing a bail jumper.  Gotta love the Mars fam.  Also, isn’t Veronica’s mom in Arizona?  Hmm.  Anyway, Cliff tells Veronica that some dude name Rick ratted on her and Rick just happens to be in the police station.  Veronica is so teeny, but she’s like a little Tasmanian devil of justice so she pins him to the wall until he confesses that “They” told him to pin it on her.  Veronica is off to solve her own mystery and she slates Wallace with the task of figuring out who else at Neptune is making fake IDs.

Meanwhile, the whole town is gossiping about Aaron Echolls being stabbed by one of his many mistresses.  It’s on the morning Dudebro Radio Show (where, oddly, they say Aaron Echolls was “ginsu-ed.”  Do people still joke about Ginsu knives? How very 1992.) And then when Logan gets into school there are tabloid pages pasted all over his locker and some kid is joking that Logan’s mom is way hotter.  Logan beats him up, predictably.

Over at the guidance counselor’s office, Weevil is in his mandated grief session and Veronica is listening in to the session in her car.   We get the confirmation that Weevil and Lilly had a relationship, and that she dumped him to get back together with Logan.  He wrote a bunch of sad letters to her, that apparently the cops knew about.  Veronica wonders if this was Lilly’s “secret” (which, by the way, is from the clip that they show at the beginning of pretty much every episode where they are at a cheerleader carwash and Lilly writhes around on a car saying “I’ve got a secret. A big one.”  When I was marathoning this show the first time around, I heard that line in my sleep. But I digress.)  So Veronica is all shocked, but we aren’t because Veronica Mars loves foreshadowing so much.

Francis Capra Headshot in black tank top
Mmm I wanna shoop

Back to the Mystery Of The Week, Veronica is meeting with Rick, who is explaining that a secret high school society called The Tritons, a la Harvard’s Skull and Bones, were the ones that told him to pin the fake IDs on Veronica Mars.  Apparently the fake IDs were part of a hazing ritual involving using them to go to 12 different bars and take a shot at each, which is how Rick’s friend got alcohol poisoning.  Rick is pissed at the Tritons and wants Veronica to help him take them down.  Turns out, Duncan Kane is a Triton as well, so Veronica sets a tracker on his car and sees him as her in to get info about the Tritons.  But what’s this? Apparently the parents of the kid who got alcohol poisoning are suing everyone who was involved with her son drinking.  Funnily, Papa Mars and Cliff think this is worse than the criminal case against Veronica.

As far as Mars Investigations, Aaron Echolls is back and wants Keith’s help to figure out who is leaking stories about his indiscretion to the tabloids.  How about everyone who is looking to make a quick buck, genius? Aaron says his wife is “fragile” and he’s only concerned about her well-being. reading all this stuff.  Ha! Hahaha!

So, Veronica is suspended because of the fake IDs, Wallace comes to her with info he found out that the fake IDs can be purchased by dropping $250 in a locker and then coming back to the locker later to pick up the ID.  She breaks into school to set up a camera to record who opens the locker to get out the money she had Wallace plant there.  When Veronica goes to the school she notices that the school logo includes Triton’s conch.  The whole school is run by Tritons! It’s like the Masons!

We learn from Logan’s mandated therapy session that he feels guilty that he was broken up with Lilly at the time of her murder because maybe he could have protected her.  The guidance counselor tells him that maybe he would have been killed too.  Really great therapy, lady.

So Wallace gets his fake ID back and it’s super crappy work, Veronica is all offended that she is being accused of shoddy craftsmanship and she renews her fire to find the real culprit.  She also tracks Duncan to some club.  How come teenagers in shows always go to clubs? I never knew of any clubs for teenagers when I was in high school.  Where was my The Bronze or After Dark or whatever club the Tritons go to.? Where apparently they have karaoke.  Where Veronica sings “One Way or Another.”  This is kind of a pointless scene.  It looks like it’s just an excuse for her to sing. Like how John Travolta always has to have a dancing scene.  The Tritons found out that Rick was talking to Veronica and nailed a rat to his door, but Veronica is more worried about the lawsuit.  Where are the priorities of the Mars family??

While Veronica is listening in on Duncan’s therapy session, he says he always feels Lilly’s presence and it’s been worse since he “quit taking his antidepressants.”  This is an aspect of this story line that I really don’t like.  Duncan admits that he can’t remember anything about the day Lilly died.  For the whole rest of this season there is an implication that Duncan went “crazy” or is going crazy and that because he quit taking his antidepressants he is likely to fly into a murderous rage at any time.  Do not like.  So while Veronica is listening in on this in her car, some of the Tritons kidnap her.  I guess it was just to scare her, or keep her out of the way, because they didn’t take away her phone and they locked her in the trunk with the keys in the trunk.  Eh. Not impressed, Tritons.  Wallace comes to rescue her and they track down Duncan at a Triton meeting and Veronica takes a picture of all of them.  She plans to compare the pictures of the Tritons to whoever opened the Fake ID locker, only no one does.  Nevermind though, because Veronica has figured it all out.  She heads over to Sheriff Lamb’s office, where she plans to spend the day to prove that she can’t be making the fake IDs.  She tells Lamb to drop the name of someone from the yearbook into the Fake ID locker and she promises that a fake ID will come back with that kid on it.  A fake ID that she can’t have made, because she will have been in his office.  Sheriff Lamb follows through.  Will Veronica’s plan work?

Over at the school, the Echolls family is waiting to speak with the principal about the fight Logan got into with another student.  Aaron threatens to divorce Logan’s mom, leaving her with nothing.  But, how will she maintain her luscious lips? Devastated, she drives off.

So it’s the eleventh hour over at the police station, and one of the cops comes back with a fake ID.  And what’s this? In comes Rick with a cool $250 in his wallet, money that was marked by Veronica.  It was him all along! As to why he pinned VM? Personal vendetta.  Papa Mars was responsible for proving that Rick’s dad was embezzling money, so Rick decided to get revenge.  Looks like Veronica is off the hook once again.

The episode ends with a helicopter-view of Logan’s mom’s car parked on a bridge and there’s a helicopter voice about a possible jumper.  Saddest ending of the season.

We’ll find out next week if Logan’s mom’s ok, and there will be another exciting Mystery of the Week.  See you then!



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