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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars – Weevil Appreciation

I didn’t manage to get my Veronica Mars recap done for today, but y’all know that 75% of the reason that I watch VM is to get my Weevil time in.  So I decided to bring you a little gallery of Weevil photos for today!  You can thank me later.Francis Capra as Weevil on Veronica Mars, wearing a leather jacket and sitting on a motorcycle

I like this candid one  because I think he looks like a genuinely nice guy (Photo: Joits Flickr):

Don’t mess with my man Weevil:

Francis Capra as Weevil looking seriousAnd I don’t know what this is from, but I won’t turn down a picture of Francis Capra in a tank top:

Francis Capra wearing a white tank top and looking tough
Look at those eyes!

And finally, someone who is even more of a superfan than I am made a YouTube complilation of the best Weevil quotes from Season 1:


5 replies on “Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars – Weevil Appreciation”

Weevil was such an awesome character.
I wish there were more episodes centered around him,like episode 2X17.
The third season of VMars was disappointing in a lot of ways, but one of the most frustrating things about it was how bland Weevil’s story was. I wanted to either see him go to college or go back to being a gang leader. His role in season 3 was pretty boring.

Weevil 4evr. <3<3<3 I'm still crushed we never got any closure on Weevil on VM. I've been tempted to search out fanfic about the topic, as I am almost 100% sure it exists.

Francis Capra played a serial killer in an episode of Criminal Minds I watched on a bender recently. It was sad. He should be in everything. He's got that Prince thing going on, where he maximizes the sexy per square inch. I just IMBD'd him to make sure that comment wouldn't send me to Special Hell.

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