Little Sausage-y Nuggets of Joy

Bisquick sausage balls are a wonderful thing.  They are cheesy enough to make great comfort food, they reheat very well so they make a great appetizer to take along to a party, and they are easy enough to be a good “kid’s cooking” project.  You could even use soy sausage and make them vegetarian.  I’d say you could substitute in non-dairy cheese to make them vegan, but I don’t know enough about vegan cheese to guarantee that it would work.  Basically, what I’m saying here is that they are the perfect food and I will be forever indebted to Mr.B for introducing them to me.

You will need:

10 oz. grated cheese (medium cheddar is good)

1lb sausage (raw)

2 cups Bisquick

1 Tbs. water (give or take)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Dump cheese, Bisquick and sausage into a bowl and mix by hand.  Sprinkle in just enough water to make the mixture stick together.  Form into 1″ balls and bake on an un-greased cookie sheet for 20-25 minutes or until done.

Note – It’s best to grate the cheese yourself.  Pre-shredded cheese is a little drier and it doesn’t work as well in this recipe.

That’s how I got the recipe from my MIL – we have made two small changes.  1. Medium cheddar works just fine, but half cheddar and half gouda is delightful.  2. If you cook the balls in a mini-muffin pan instead of a cookie sheet, the edges get all brown and crispy and full of awesome.


By [E]SaraB

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Whoa, that is like, unbelievably simple. I’ve been thinking of easy finger foods to make for the boy’s second birthday, stuff that he can eat that I can also eat that is vegetarian, but will still please a crowd. I may make these and do half soysage and half regular for the meat eaters. I’ve see these things all over the place but never tried them. Yum. :D

Zomg I was going to post in the open thread tonight asking for appetizer/party-food suggestions, since I’m making snacks for a party that night.

I imagine that you take the sausage out of the skin for this, eh?

I might actually just make fancy cheesy meatballs (using ground beef rather than sausage, and an egg white rather than water), but either way, this has inspired me.

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