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LTP: 3/28

Where the hell did March go?  Weren’t we JUST in February?  Time flies when you’re trying to be a ladyblog, for sure.   Today’s lunchtime poll is about pets.   I am a huge animal person.  Right now, it’s only cats at the MacIntosh house, but I’ve owned a good number of dogs and loved all sorts of other critters in my day.

So today, I want to hear about your booboo pets and all their sloppy, gushy pet names.  You can even upload a pic, if it’s smaller than 200k.  Here are my fur-faced companions.

Artemis, 18 y.o., badass, BAMF
Pixel, 6 y.o., very snuggly, fond of dry cat food and plastic.
A cat crouched on the floor with it's eyes watching something.
Loki, 6 y.o., brother of Pixel. Thinks he's a turtle, likes to eat stuff.






By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Ahem. Right.

I think my mother in law wishes that I would be as excited about human babies as I am about cats. This is Mr. Sniffles. He says hi.

This is my dog Jock. Part Scottie, part Bassett Hound. He just turned 7 last month. He goes by several nicknames:

Foofur Face, Ol’ 25 Pounds O’ Fury, Little Jockski, Death Machine, eater of worlds. Others have given him monikers as well, including Jock Boosteau, Fuzzylips, Precious, Kissyface, etc. One of his many skills is the ability to transform into a throw pillow. He also loves to ride shotgun on those long road triips. Oh, and without fail he’ll bark when he hears someone coming up the walkway. Vigilance is the price of freedom!

May I introduce you to Thor, the chicken who thinks she’s a dog!

I was also going to post a picture of her canine companion, but I think the image is too large because the site is telling me I can’t upload it :(

I will post two pictures of my babies in the reply. Murphy is a puggle, and Rugby is the world’s smallest shih tzu. He is from a puppy mill, and just a teeny tiny runty thing.He goes by baby, babyfaces, Wubzies, bahbahs, and Face. The Puggle is my baby, and he goes by Stinky, Tinkers, Lips, Ears, or Mama’s Boy. I love them.

My baby’s name is Osiris and my room mate and I found him on craigslist :). I’m not really sure what he is other than a tuxedo cat and absolutely insane…but I love him so very much…his favorite activities include chasing things that aren’t there and eating ramen noodles…the upload thingy is not working for me of course…possible cuteness overload….

This is Matisse, my great big bunch of a boy.

And this is his big brother, though he is only big in the sense of being older.

I grew up with cats, a dog, rats, and lots of guinea pigs. I would love a dog, but we rent so I have to make do with visiting my parents’ dog.

Instead I have a guinea pig who lives at home, 2 classroom guinea pigs (can you tell what my favorite animal is?) and 2 bunnies who also live at home.
[img] tomas.jpg[/img]
^^ El Negro Tomas, the house guinea pig.
[img] tacha camila.jpg[/img]
^^ Camila and Tacha
[img] pancho pedro.jpg[/img]
^^ Pedro and Pancho, classroom guinea pigs and frequenters of Tumblr.

[img] sleeping paw snout support.JPG[/img]

This is the Little Bastard. He’s roughly six and is the most intelligent and sweet dog that has ever dogged. Unfortunately his [redacted] of an owner effectively abandoned him yet refused to give him up until recently. I’m looking for a new home for him.

I have a 12 year old (emphasis on old) black lab named Maggie. She’s huge and lazy and I love her to pieces. She enjoys popcorn (the first time I saw A Boy and his Dog I died laughing at the dog insisting on getting popcorn, because Maggie would totally say that if she was psychic), chewing on books, and long walks on the beach.

[img] tigger.jpg[/img]

This is Tigger. Also known as brat cat, booboo face, and stinkybutt. He is almost 13 years old and a big pest. As I write this he is sitting in my lap, rubbing his head on my hand. He loves to be the center of attention and get upset when I’m on the phone. He somehow manages to win over everyone who comes to the house, cat people or not.

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