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Lunchtime Poll 3/1

Good morning, and happy March to us all! No offense to any February babies, but I’m always happy to bid that month adieu.

Today’s poll is about food. Because I’m writing it. This may not be the first time you’ve been asked this, but I don’t care: What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten? It could be home-made or in a restaurant. It could be an appetizer, a dessert, or even a single item, likeĀ a fruit or vegetable. If you could give us a little context, that would help too.

Mine? It was a high school trip to Spain, back in February of [year redacted]. Our chaperone took us to a little place in Madrid that he told us made the best churros in the world. Now, I’ve had churros before and since. I live in NYC and every day on my commute home I have the option to buy a churro on the subway platform. But these churros weren’t like that. They were like the fluffiest, sweetest donuts I had ever had (but in stick form) and they came with a little cup of thick hot drinking chocolate. For dipping. Also, drinking. My BFF and I ate them until our resilient little 17-year-old tummies couldn’t take anymore. And we saw that it was good.

What about the rest o’ ya? Tell us the yummiest yum you’ve ever yummed.

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