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Lunchtime Poll: 3/10

Really it’s April showers that bring May flowers…..but March sunshine brings spring flowers, usually by the end of March if it’s warm enough. So here’s my question — what’s your favorite spring flower?



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I fell in love with snowdrops one spring in the UK. Sadly we don’t really live in a climate for them here.
For my baby shower we forced dozens of spring bulbs to give out as favors. For a week I had a house full of crocus, hyacinth, grape hyacinth and daffodils. It was heaven!!

Blerg. That is my day so far.

Anyway, in spirit of my grumpness, I’m taking all the flowers.

I love them all. Crocuses mean spring is coming (and also, a signal that my birthday is getting closer). Daffodils are like the alarm bells that Spring Has Arrived! And tulips are that bomb afterparty everyone is going to when the Daffodils party has started wrapping up. So, you can see why they are all so cool.

Also, the only flower I actually totally dislike is the Carnation. But, I think my sorority had influence on that one. Rival house maybe? Who knows. We just hated Carnations (“It’s a weed!” we’d all say. In unison.).

Welp, back to the blah…

I’m not sure this counts as a flower, per se, but spring to me is all about Azaleas! My dad always used to say that he knew when my birthday was around the corner because the azaleas in the yard would be in full bloom.

As far as actual flowers are concerned, I love daffodils. They’re generally among the first to pop up in the yard, and I always used to love to pick them and put them in colored water and watch them change!

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