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Lunchtime Poll: 3/11

Last night I played a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with my kids.  As we played, I remembered how badly I wanted this game when I was little.  I was so jealous of my friends who had it for their very own and could play it whenever they wanted.  But, however much I longed for Hungry Hungry Hippos, it was nothing compared to my lust for Lite-Brite. Dear lord baby Jesus, I would have sold my eyeteeth for a Lite-Brite, if I could have figured out how to get them out of my head and found someone who wanted them.  That toy took on an almost mythical quality in my mind – it was the embodiment of all that was good in the world and my life would be perfect if only I had it.

classic lite-briteSadly, I have never owned a Lite-Brite.  I’ve thought about getting one to satisfy my inner child, because now I’m a grown-up and I can do things like that, but the new ones are all “flat screen” and it’s just not the same.  I would rather live with the myth than settle for second best.

So, dear readers, here’s the poll – What was the one toy you always wanted, but never got?



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Legos and Nintendo. Both of which my dad flat refused to buy for us. Legos, because he feared stepping on them barefoot in the middle of the night. Nintendo, because he said we would neglect our homework and household chores, not to mention rotting our impressionable litte brains.
I am 30 now, and still want Legos. I even asked for a set for Christmas last year, but nobody took me seriously. I would still love to have an old school Nintendo. If I could find one, I would SO get it and play my 3 favorites; Mario 1, 2, and 3.

I love Legos, and all the new sets are so tantalizingly cool and intricate. (I can sympathize with your dad, though, they are incredibly painful to step on.)

As for the Nintendo, my son got a reproduction of the Super Nintendo for about twenty dollars off of Amazon a year or two ago. They still makes games for it too :)

Trampoline for sure. They’re so much fun! My friend had one, and we used to play on it all the time until her parents got rid of it because it messed up their insurance coverage or something. It seems like all of the awesome playground equipment of my childhood has now been deemed “too dangerous”.

That Creepy Crawlers set, with the toy oven and molds of snakes and spiders and bugs that you poured some mixture into and baked and they became rubber toys. My mother was hopelessly paranoid about me hurting myself/burning the house down, and so I was never allowed anything that heated up. Someone got me the set once for my birthday, and I opened it and was so excited, but then she immediately returned it. I was so close!


They’re squirmy, they’re wormy, they’re purple and green. They’re the grossest little monsters that you’ve ever seen! They’re very scary, sometimes hair, iggly wiggly, creepy crawlers!

Oh, man. Ahem. We ended up getting these when my brother was a little older, and it turns out they look way more fun on the teevee than they are in reality. Also, they smell kind of funny.

I wanted a Lite Brite desperately, but my parents wouldn’t get it for me. It was too expensive, and there were too many little pieces that would just get lost for something that cost so much blah blah blah. But my grandpa found an almost complete one for me at a garage sale. (He was a total garage sale fiend). And lo, I had a Lite Brite, and it was good.

I’m thinking about dropping a few hints to Mr.B about it. He found me a vintage Superfection on eBay a few years ago, and I’ll bet he could find me a Lite-Brite if I really want him to. I suppose I could do it myself, but I don’t have the patience for hard-core eBaying.

Oh man, my best friend in kindergarten had a light brite and I thought it was so cool.
The one thing that was always on my wish lists was a cloud car, like from Care Bears. My mom said she looked for them and could never find one. Except the thing is I think I wanted a real one. Dream Big, little Luci.
I also really wanted a power wheels, but we didn’t live on a street that had sidewalks so it was never an option.

You should get one! I am totally in favor of living out childhood dreams if it fits the budget and Easy Bakes aren’t terribly expensive. If you don’t want it taking up space forever, you can get one, play with it for a while and then either re-gift it or donate it to Goodwill.

I always really wanted a Bitty Baby, those baby dolls made by the American Girl company. All of the other girls in my neighborhood who were my main playmates had one, along with a number of adorable accessories. My mom was no about to buy me an 80 dollar baby doll, however. Alas.

Ditto! My friend had the Kirsten doll and I was so envious. I wanted Samantha sooo badly. My parents weren’t into the whole $100 doll idea, so I was confined to the catalog.

Have you ever seen an American Girl store? We have one in LA. Its unbelievable– like Neiman Marcus for dolls. It’s two stories and has every conceivable outfit and accessory on hangers and shelves like a regular clothing store (with matching real-girl clothes of course. Upstairs, each doll has her own room with all the larger accessories (carriages, schoolroom furniture.) There’s a full-on tea room with tiny chairs, a tiny movie theater, a doll hospital that does repairs, and a salon where you can get her hair fixed or restyled to your liking.

I see little girls carrying their dolls hauling out huge shopping bags every day. You could drop a grand in there easily. It’s mind boggling– I was half disgusted and half awed by the whole place.

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