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Lunchtime Poll: 3/18

What’s in a name?  We’ve talked a bit about the last name issue (to change or not to change, that is the question), but I want to look at first names today.  As you can see, my name is Sara.  Now that I’m an adult, I love my name.  It suits me down to the ground.  Before I was born, my parents had decided that I would be an Erica if I was a girl.  I ended up being about two weeks late, and during that two weeks James Taylor and Carly Simon had a daughter who they named Sarah.  My parents heard the news on the radio and thought, “Hey, that’s a pretty name,” and the rest is history.  I firmly believe that I was late because I refused to come out till they gave up on the Erica nonsense.  (I should add here that I have no problem with the name Erica, per se.  I have met a number of Ericas and they wear the name quite well.  I just don’t think it would have suited me.)

Despite all this, when I was about ten I hated my name.  I thought it was stupid and I wanted to be called Sharon instead.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just thought it was way prettier.

SO – did you ever wish you had a different name?


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I love my first name (Odette). For a while when I was a child, some of the kids at school called me a very crude nickname related to my name and I hated that, but never my name. The community I’m from is bilingual and at the time I was growing up most of the people around me spoke English as a second language. The “O” sound is most commonly pronounced as “Au”, as in “Audio” or “Audacity”, so I ended up being called Audette much of the time. I hated, HATED that.

I’m very happy with my name and wouldn’t want to be called anything else. I can’t imagine being called by another name.

I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted a different name other than the one I have. One think that does irk me is the fact that people tend to mis-pronounce my mom’s name. I can always tell when a telemarketer or some other stranger calls because they always mess up her name, even though it really isn’t that difficult. We also have the same initials which kinda bothers me but I know it won’t stay that way forever.

I wanted to be called Monica when I was little.
I have an “unusual” name (at least here in the US) and I used to get picked on in elementary school. The funny thing is that the girl who would pick on my would do so by saying, “Haha, your name is______.” That was it- in retrospect, not so bad.

My name is very common, though I hardly ever meet anyone with it, and have never met anyone with the spelling like I have (see above, that is my name). My mother was very into different spellings, so I was either going to be this or some version of Kaycee. I started using my full name a number of years ago, and I really prefer that

My middle name is a women’s middle name on my mother’s side, it’s been in the family for a few generations with most of the women.

The only thing that bothers me is that so many people still misspell it if they have it in front of them. I understand otherwise, but it’s like – if I’ve ordered something from you then spell it right on the return slip!

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