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Lunchtime Poll – 3/2

I have the most boring dreams.  99% of the time they are about things I do every day.  If I’m nervous about say, an upcoming test, I’ll have a dream where I do badly on the test.  You don’t need Freud to interpret that shiz.  There are never any celebrities, I’m never some badass Buffy fighting a vampire.  The only time I remember flying in a dream was when I had chicken pox in the 6th grade.  Bo-ring.  So what about you readers? Tell me about your dreams.  Exciting? Boring? Lots of dreams of flying or falling? Sexy celebrities? Or are you just as soporific as I am? Ralph Wiggum picking his nose with a speech bubble that reads: Oh boy...sleep! That's where I'm a viking!


By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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My dreams would make for great t.v. They are almost always complex and rich with narrative twists and deep emotional subplots. The main actors are a hodge podge of characters I know with the occasional celebrity guest star (most recently Andre Agassi and I have literally NO idea why).

I have always been terrible at journaling (although I suppose in a way that’s what tumblr is for)…I think it would be terribly interesting to keep a dream journal. I rarely remember my dreams for long but I know I often wake up wishing I could see the sequel.

Mine tend to be crazy, and more vivid than elaborate.

Last night I dreamt I was a sort of human slave to a girl with amputated legs. I remember that she had long, shiny, dark brown hair, with bangs, and I had to carry her around on my back. In my dream I hated her because she would jab her stumps into my ribs and spine when she wanted to direct me to turn, or go faster, but somehow I had “her” legs so I couldn’t make them do anything but her bidding.

In my dream, we were supposed to find a specific red car, and were wandering around the streets of a foreign city in which–to my horror–all the cars were red.

And the night before that I dreamed I was trying to dress my grandmother in a black lace dress, except my grandmother wasn’t really my grandmother, but a life-sized doll-like figure. Her body refused to cooperate and I was getting exhausted with frustration as I tried to force her arms and into the sleeves and get the thing buttoned and pinned into place. And the doll’s eyes also kept falling out, so I’d have to keep stopping to pick them up and put them back in.

My dreams are often really lame versions of something that has happened in the past day or two, or envisioning the day that’s about to happen.

Last night’s dream featured Mr Wine, who bought a motorcycle and he was so excited showing it to me that I got excited, Then I remembered that I have a really serious fear of them and started to freak out.

This stupid dream immediately followed the real life experience of seeing a motorcycle accident, and reminding Mr Wine that I really wouldn’t be OK if he wanted one. Redundant. Where are my superpowers, celebrities, and hot sexy sex?

The only cliche dream I’ve had is the teeth falling out, and years ago I read that it has something to do with masturbation.

When I am really stressed out, I have action movie dreams where I have to save Tokyo from a bomb that will take out their financial systems, or rescue my friends from evil scientists. Once I was a jewel thief who got roped into disarming a bomb in Vegas mega-hotel. They are exciting, but very stressful.

Every once in a while I have sex dreams about people I see a lot, but who I am not attracted to in the slightest. It makes talking to them awkward for me for about a week afterward. (And before you go calling me a liar, I have soul searched after these dreams and in some cases I can find a little hidden attraction buried in my psyche, but others are total “WTF, why am I dreaming about That person?”)

I usually have good to awesome dreams… very few nightmares (and even then, they are about the typical things: unable to move, zombies, running away from something, zombies… you know).

Anyway. I lost a dear friend to suicide in October 2009 and several months later I had such a vivid, realistic dream about having a visit with him. It wasn’t like nothing had happened and he was still alive either. He was still gone and we both knew it. It was a great dream. I woke up and really felt like we had spent time together.

I had actually forgot about it until today… now I’m a little weepy at my desk. Dang, sorry for going all ‘heavy’ on a light-hearted LTP.

I have lots of dreams where I’m being followed or chased, and I can be armed or unarmed. Sometimes I have a pistol, sometimes I just have a hammer or a screwdriver. (In real life, I have never held nor fired a gun). If I don’t have a weapon, I almost always find one, no matter how ordinary the object.

I do a lot of hiding in these dreams but always have the weapon ready to strike. Sometimes I’m exclusively outdoors, and in others I’m in a large building. Once I was in a courthouse, where it is very hard to hide what with wide corridors and very little else. I had to hide under the dias in that one. I’ve also hidden in cars, closets, under furniture, inside furniture, under floorboards, or just behind doors. I have leapt off of balconies (only up to three stories, though) and climbed thousands of steps.

These dreams seem to focus on the need to protect myself. In them I never put myself out in the open, and I have never been caught before waking up. I occasionally have a partner, though we often get separated or decide to split up and meet at a different place. Sometimes my partner makes it, sometimes not. I always make it to safety, wherever that is before I wake up.

Sometimes I know who’s chasing me, sometimes it’s monsters, sometimes it’s law enforcement, and sometimes I’m just running because I’m totally nervous about something and I only think I’m being chased.

I attribute most of these dreams to my love of survival horror games like Silent Hill 2. Freud would probably have a lot to say about the hiding and never getting caught aspects of my dreams, but I guess that I never thought too deeply about it before. I’d say the hiding is due to my aversion to confrontation, but having a weapon readied is like I always deal with it: I’m ready if there’s going to be a confrontation, but I don’t want to have to do it. I suppose if you put that symbolism with survival horror, you get dreams like that.

(Sorry, this is long…) I have really bizarre, vivid dreams that I almost always remember (due probably to the fact that I wake up so much in the middle of my sleep cycle). For example, last night I dreamed that I, along with a group of friends who I mostly don’t see anymore, were in some Northern artic city in Norway. We were imprisoned, and we snuck out under a layer of snow, and saw the Aurora Borealis, which looked like fireworks. We then got on a bus to go to another part of the city, and saw tons of spectacular cathedrals. We stopped at one that was half completed (much like the Sagrada Familia but more traditionall gothic). There, I became involved in a ballet performance of Swan Lake that was to be performed at the cathedral. I was nervous because I hadn’t had too many rehearsals, and the curtain started rising before I was fully in costume and was still figuring out where to put my lunch box. Then it turned out I would be singing an aria during the show, which was apparently a traditional component of Swan Lake (except not really). So we had this spectacular performance in a cathedral, and then I woke up.

Another time I had a dream that my best friend was murdering a young pregnant woman and her husband to steal a necklace, and over and over like Groundhog day I had to cover up her actions and return the necklace until I got it right.

Another time I dreamed I was a young man in a village in the 1500s, and I was buying a large ornate wooden wagon for my betrothed, who I was going to marry that afternoon. I found out right after that she was unfaithful and broke off the engagement. Then I was reincarnated several times, all the way through modern times, and each time I remembered who I was, and who she was, and the wagon was there. At the end, I tried to burn the wagon, but it wouldn’t burn. Intense.

I have dreams like this every night, often several discrete dreams within a single night, which sounds cool, but they are so active and stressful because I constantly have to run around and do things and get things done on time and perform something or run a race or save my roommate. I wake up feeling like I’ve lived an entire day, and I’m completely exhausted. Sometimes I wish Dreamless Sleep potion was real…

I always had super vivid dream. a lot of time nightmares. since I’m antidepressant it got even more real-like and strong.
The other night I dreamed I was at a conference I’m going to in a month and a half and I forgot to take a lot of things and do a lot of stuff before I left the house for it. so in my dream although it felt super real I told myself that maybe it’s a dream so I should make a list for real life. but non of the things made any sense, like in my list I had: tell Friend that she doesn’t need to come feed the cat because I took them (it’s across the Atlantic kind of traveling) and I should bring some kitchen tool cause I’ll need it (I don’t even cook when I’m home). so yeah, that was helpful.

I rarely remember my dreams. I know that I have them, but I don’t remember what happens because they make no narrative sense. For example, Bob Hope was in my dream last night, but I can’t remember why or even if I knew he was Bob Hope. Actually, when I do remember my dreams the people in them are almost never the … people in them. Um. For example, my sister will be in my dream, but she’ll look just like Kate Winslet. My dream self doesn’t think that Kate Winslet is my sister, my dream self just doesn’t know what the hell my own sister looks like.

I had a dream the other night that I contracted a disease that was making my skin fall off. I was getting wrapped in saran wrap every place it was falling. The disease was fatal so I was given the option to put myself in to a coma and then die when the pain became too much. I remember writing a will and then starting the coma procedure. Right before I woke up, I asked the nurse to “bring them (friends and family) in so that I may speak to them.”

Even though my skin was falling off and I was going to die, the dream was really serene.

Mine make no sense, generally, and aren’t even a coherent storyline. Most recent dream:
The speaker that is coming in town for an event I’m planning didn’t speak English (he’s from Sweden, so this isn’t entirely implausible, except we know it’s not true).
So I’m trying to communicate with him unfruitfully, and this expert comes in to talk to us about intellectual property rights. Gives a schpiel and then says “Don’t worry, your Groupons are still valid.”

I also have super crazy dreams, especially when stressed.

Recently, I had a dream that featured much of the cast of the Stargate universe, plus many of the people on the political team I belong to. We were all in a giant auditorium style room, and there was a huge spiderweb hanging up on a stage, with some people I recognized from both Stargate and real life. Rodney McKay (the brilliant yet obnoxious science guy from Stargate Atlantis) was up on stage and selected six people from the crowd to come on the stage with him. I was really angry he didn’t pick me for some reason. He had to connect those six people a’la six degrees of Kevin Bacon (them being in that room together not counting as a connection). When he got from one end to the other, they all got wrapped up in cocoons with their heads peeking out and put up in the spiderweb with the rest of the people. Apparently, it was some sick kind of game show where Rodney had to get people into the spiderweb within a certain period of time, and everyone he didn’t get into the web by that time would die. He could only pull up six people from the room at a time, and anyone he couldn’t connect in the full six steps would automatically be killed instead of being put back into the pool of people. The creature who was making him do it was the Racnoss from Doctor Who.

Yeah, I don’t know what even.

I’ve had vivid, complicated dreams for as long as I can remember. I kept a dream journal for 7 or 8 years and that really helped with remembering them, and I also found it really interesting to note patterns and themes in my dreams.

Starting in seventh grade, I’ve always had lots of very vivid sex dreams. They usually involve celebrities but also people in my life and made up people. My favorite are when it’s a lucid dream, so I can control everything that’s going on, or when I switch back and forth between being male- and female-bodied, because that’s just cool.

I also have certain dreams when I’m stressed – teeth falling out is pretty common but I also dream that my teeth have rearranged themselves to how they were before I had braces (i.e. completely fucked up), and then I cry a lot. I’ve also been having birth control pill related panicky dreams – I’ll realize that I’ve forgotten to take it for 5 days, or all the pills have fallen out of the pack and I’m trying to see if I’ve lost any, or I’ve lost the pack entirely, and so on. It’s funny because I really don’t worry about getting pregnant (consciously, at least).

I’ve also been having birth control pill related panicky dreams

I have an IUD in real life, but I recently had a dream where I had a surprise baby that I didn’t want and then three months later had ANOTHER baby. I was freaking out. I just kept crying, this is not physically possible, why is this happening to me? But The Dream Mister was super cheerful about the whole thing, all the while I didn’t understand what was going on.

Eek! I don’t have pregnancy dreams all that often – when I do, they’re really absurd. I either suddenly plop out a few babies while going about my business, or I’m pregnant forever and keep telling everyone that I don’t like either of the options for giving birth and so have decided not to.

I just started having pregnancy dreams. I used to have sex dreams all the time… now just pregnancy. This one recent one I could see the little fetus in there–it looked like one of those plastic pink baby dolls. I was really, really happy about it.

I have never had a child before. But I want one!

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