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Lunchtime Poll: 3/22

Cartoon drawing of a pencil with a face and arms and legs. The pencil has his arms up and is smiling.According to the Reader’s Digest that is currently in my bathroom (a gift from my boyfriend’s mom that somehow managed to make its way to our new apartment even though we never gave them our new address. How does that happen??), a Goldman-Sachs interview question is “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?”

My answer is that I would wait for someone to make a smoothie and climb out on top of the fruit.

And that’s why I will never get hired by Goldman-Sachs (which is really probably better for everyone), because I think that it relies too much on someone else to do something.

Anyway, how would you answer? What do you think the best answer would be?

*Note: I think you are a pencil-sized person and not an actual pencil.  But answer however you want, your career isn’t on the line or anything.



Ed. note: I reposted this from my tumblr because I thought it was a good LTP question.

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I just have to say that my grandmother has also gifted me a subscription to Reader’s Digest and it has creepily followed me on two different moves.

In regards to the question, I think I would karate kick the side of the blender until it fell over and I would just walk right on out. Except the blade would probably cut me in half at some point in this process.

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