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Lunchtime Poll: 3/3

A classic box of 64 Crayola crayons has found it’s way home to my house. I love that the box, and for the most part, the colors, haven’t changed since I was a kid. I instinctively go for the color “sea green” every time I see a box of 64 — as a kid, I had some mad love for that color, for no particular reason.Markers have never done it for me —  I mean sure, you can color faster and more evenly with markers, but the colors are all the same. There are no shades with markers, if you will.

Which leads me today’s poll. For your coloring needs ,which do you prefer — crayons, markers, colored pencils or something else?

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I like pastels; they’re smoother than crayons, and I like smearing them to blend things together. I like chalk a lot too, but it’s very messy. Markers are frustrating sometimes because they run out at surprising moments, or the color saturation is so wildly different in some of them and they end up looking nothing like their caps. I love a new box of crayons, but once they’re not sharp any more or I break them I lose interest.

I have a mandala coloring book – I got it at the recommendation of curiousgeorgiana, actually, and I really enjoy it. (In college, my friends and I would occasionally have coloring parties where we’d color in princess coloring books and have cocktails and bake cookies – the stress relief was fantastic.)

Crayons are always fun but if I’m doing Art with a capital A then I go for prisma colored pencils which are pricey but you can get wonderful effects with ’em. I recently bought a Disney princess coloring book and markers for no particular reason. My bro who is 19 has been coloring in it almost everyday which I find pretty hilarious.

I am such a crayon snob. We had all manner of crayons when I was a kid, but none of them compared to Crayola. Rose Art, or the ones from those art set things, or worse the generic ones, are way too waxy. Crayola has the perfect balance. Love them. And I definitely need the 65 or 96 pack to be satisfied. I need the variation. Why settle for “purple” when what you really need is blue-violet? (Not violet-blue! It’s different!) My favorite color in the big packs is cerulean.

Now that I’m a little older, I enjoy a good colored pencil. They have to be very sharp, though. I don’t like dull pencils. Markers seem a bit much, although they’re good for making protest signs. The Mister and I are currently working on a paint by number, which has been kind of nice, but it’s no box of Crayola.

When I use traditional art materials I am very drawn (ha!) to graphite pencils and charcoal just because I can seen tones and contrast better in black and white than color. When I get out the computer, I use my Cintiq tablet/monitor and Painter software. It’s like coloring on electronic paper.

Crayons. I love them and the box of 64 is beyond delightful. Unfortunately, my kids won’t let me touch their crayons and they systematically peel all the paper off, break them in half, and in some cases chew on them, leaving the box of 64 looking less than pristine in about two minutes. It’s sad, really.

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