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Lunchtime Poll – 3/30

Today’s lunchtime poll is to help you get through the rest of the week: What fun activity do you have planned for the weekend? Brunch? Never getting out of your pajamas? Something that will make us all jealous? Let us know!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Friday night I’m going to a family dinner celebrating my niece’s 21st birthday. Saturday morning I have a few errands to run – going to the pharmacy, buying groceries and cat litter. An acquaintance is coming over to give me a quote for the removal of all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years. Then there’s housework and ironing to be done.

Other than that, there are books to read, loads of videos on my PC, playing with the cats and catching up on sleep.

This weekend I get to:
Babysit a friend’s puppy while she is out of town. Her puppy is so hyper and adorable and I’ve been telling her since she got the puppy that I want to babysit. I’ve got two dogs at home and it will be interesting to see how they interact.

Grade 70 essay exams

Visit my first Roller Derby match

I actually think my Friday will be far more exciting than the rest of the weekend.

I only work half the day, the other half of the day is spent in class (not exciting but at least the work week is over?) and from class I go straight to a sports bar where a buddy will have been camped out ALL DAY because it’s OPENING DAY! We’ll be watching baseball until I have to head home and prepare for going out to another bar for their monthly R&B/Soul/Funk night with a couple friends. It will be off the hook.

Then I will sleep sleep sleep until the movers come with my piano. :)

Well, at least part of my weekend, as per usual, will involve lab (running gels, making a completely rushed poster, analyzing data, etc.). BUT ALSO. A new gentleman caller, a pretty dreamy guitar-playing Belgian/Argentinian physicist, will be taking the train and visiting me for our fourth date, the first one my home turf (as opposed to in the big city). I have no idea what to do with him for the evening/following day. I’m thinking nice restaurant and then a movie in (since it’s supposed to snow), and then brunch and local museum the next day? I’m new at this whole “dating strangers/not just hooking up with good friends” thing. Any suggestions?

My plans are:

– finish writing two papers for school that aren’t due until the end of the semester (which is in a month) but that I would like to get out of the way
– make a dent in some of the library books I’ve taken out
– making sandwiches for lunch on Saturday, I want to make “French onion” grilled cheese (caramelized onions, gruyere, Fontina, sourdough)
– Saturday morning I’m baking lemon bars for dinner Saturday night
– Saturday night we’re going over to our friends’ house for a “couples dinner” which is the awful name the rest of them have given it (we are 3 couples but still…) and we’re making dinner, I think probably a taco bar. Which is going to be gun.

My life, as always, revolves around school and food.

I generally don’t have much on the go in way of social engagements, but this weekend I have a jealousy-inducing event to attend! Someone Mr.Pear is friends with won a party sponsored by Drambuie … and we were invited! Squeeee!


You are invited to a VIP NIGHT OUT courtesy of DRAMBUIE Spiced Scotch Whisky. The night will kick-off with private limo transportation! Enjoy VIP treatment at the door, your very own DRAMBUIE Hostess, and an exclusive bar area to savour bespoke cocktails and hors d’Å“uvres while you dance the night away in style!

I will know exactly one person (Mr.Pear) and I am pretty shy, but I don’t care! This is going to be awesome!

Awe. Some.

I’m going to look an apartment with my lover and then I’m taking my bestfriend to the UPenn open house because he’s a baby genius and got into an Ivy League Grad school!

Priceline hooked us up with the Crowne Plaza in philly and now we’re trying to figure out what to do and what neighborhoods are cool to check out – Persephoneers have any tips for philly and places to be/avoid??

Philly or bust this weekend!!

This weekend at Penn? You can actually come watch roller derby at the class of 1923 rink. Its right on the Penn campus and we’re hosting a double header. You’ll want to check out South Street, get a cheese steak if you’re a meat eater, and the museum of medical oddities is a fun (re: creepy) way to while away a couple of hours.

Anywhere in University City is going to be great! I’d recommend Local 44 on 44th and Spruce, it’s right off of Penn’s campus and has a great beer selection and good food. Or Tria, which is an AMAZING little bar/restaurant that is near where you are staying (18th Sansom). You’re also kind of near the Art Museum, the Mutter Museum and the Franklin Institute, which are fun.

I could offer more suggestions but I’m not sure how much time, what you’re looking for, or whether you will have a car. Just avoid North Philly and you’ll be fine. ;P

I reeeeally want to do some spring cleaning. I want to donate a bunch of clothes, books, crap we don’t need to the local thrift store, because I’m feeling claustophobic in our cave-like apartment.

If any Persephone readers live in the Boston area and are interested in grabbing this stuff before it goes to Boomerangs, let me know. My partner and I have a giant pile of books, clothes, and video games we’re itching to get rid of. The clothes are his especially preppy t-shirts, my clothing is from when I was a skinny thing, the books run the gamut between classics and sci-fi paperbacks, and the video games are…uh, I don’t know, niether of us play, but they’re from the late 80’s-90’s. I think there are also some VHS tapes in the video game box! How could you go wrong with that?

My piano will be moved into my new house on Saturday!

I also will try to have all the unpacking fully done and not just sorta “well the box is in the room” done.

Also, I have to study. :( Spring term begins this week and I’m going to try to start a solid study schedule. Boo.


A friend of mine is training to be a docent at a local historical site, and I’m going to be her practice tour! Then we are going to have lunch and catch up over a discussion of the new Jasper Fforde book, which she was waiting patiently for me to go on vacation and read before spoiling me. :)

My goal is to not put on clothes for at least one full day and to do absolutely nothing at all. By then, I’ll have turned in what I’ve been spending most of my time and energy on (thesis rough draft), so I plan to catch up on sleep and let my brain rest by watching lots of fluffy movies/TV on Netflix.

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