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Lunchtime Poll – 3/9

Today’s lunchtime poll is one that people freaking love talking about: your Myers-Brigg Personality Type.  Do you know yours?  If you don’t, or think it’s changed, you can take a little test here.   I usually test as an INFJ, but I don’t always feel it’s accurate about me.  Partly because I think when I take those tests I tend to err on the side of responding how I wish I am, versus how I actually am.  So what about you, Persephoneers? What’s your personality type, and do you think it’s accurate about you?  If you want a more detailed look at your type, there is a good summary of them here.

By Luci Furious

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ESFJ, all very strongly expressed (100% extrovert, which is completely true). I used to be ENFJ, so I wonder what’s changed; I guess I’ve become more judgmental as I’ve got older! But the descriptions they give are pretty accurate – though so are the descriptions for ENFJ, so who knows what’s going on there.

It’s been a long time since I last took this test. But apparently I’m ENFJ.
It would be nice though if there was an option beside each question where you could either have the statement rephrased, clarified or adjusted completely. Too many statements’ responses depended on the situation. Things change between work, home and social life. Heck, even my name changes. I go from professional full name to familial nickname as I move from work to home/social life.
But, if you were to ask about the Sparks Personality tests from (hey-o!) 1999, I can tell you exactly what I was: a dominant, extrovert, abstract thinker. My best friend at the time was a submissive, introvert, concrete feeler. Dead opposites.
Ultimately, I’d rather someone else took this test for me. I feel like that’s the best way to go. I get too muddled in what I perceive versus what others witness. Or grey options, like “Maybe,” “Sometimes,” “Today at least,” or “Unknown.” That could help.

I am an ENTJ, and it is insanely accurate. I think I have done M-B 3 or 4 times in the last 12 years, and it is always ENTJ. The “E” is definitely on the extreme end, and while I’m much less of a social butterfly now that I am a bit older and more settled, I am far from shy.

Someone told me once that being E or I is less about how much socialising you do and more about whether you find social situations to be energising or draining. So, according to my heavily introverted friend, he loves hanging out with all his friends, but he needs time alone after a lot of social interaction to recharge his batteries and relax. Too much socialising leaves him tired and feeling worn out, like he needs ‘me time’ to recover. Whereas I’m the opposite, I tend to find it draining to be alone. If I spend a weekend at home by myself, no matter how much relaxing I do – even if sleeping and eating and reading a great book – I’ll feel irritable and tired by the end. For me, being around people is what recharges my batteries. I just thought that was a neat way of looking at it!

I have taken the test many times over the years, and even though I’m told that it often changes as you get older, I’ve been an ISTJ every time since I was 15, and I think it’s pretty accurate. Interestingly enough, my best friends are almost always your typical ENFPs. It’s like I need them to drag me out and have fun every once and a while, and they need me to calm them down and give a little bit of logical perspective.

My sophomore religion teacher, which was the first class where I took the Myers-Briggs, said, “You’ve got to be careful of those ISTJs. They don’t say much, but when they do… watch out!” Ha. I also had a teacher tell me later that being an elected official probably wouldn’t be the best fit for me (based on the personality tests we took), but that I’d make a great staffer. I was so mad at her and did some research. Apparently, Woodrow Wilson is thought to have been an ISTJ, which I showed her and told her determinedly that I could be president, too. Of course, now, I’m perfectly content to be behind the scenes (and I’m pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself) and can’t even imagine ever wanting to be the candidate. Funny how things work out. I wish I could apologize to her because I was kind of a brat about it.

I’m an ENFP, and it fits me exactly. I love people (mostly) I thrive on creativity and new ideas, and I’m a horrible procrastinator and suck at following through on things. When I read the description for the first time I was like “HOW DO THEY KNOW ME.”

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