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Lunchtime Poll: Food You Ate By Mistake

It’s Thursday, Persephoneers, and today we’re talking food.¬† Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a chef’s table event at a local new restaurant.

Seven courses.

Seven perfectly paired wines, none of which came from a box, and all of which came from Europe.

There were  a total of seven of us, eating and drinking the afternoon away.

Course number one (which was actually #3, since we had an “arrival” and an “amuse bouche” too) was a delicate salmon and scallop dish, presented on a cedar plank, with a side of roasted vegetables.

I recognized the tender carrot, the thin asparagus, and the roasted red pepper. Under all of those, though, there was something I didn’t recognize.

It was shaped like a large onion, and it was a hearty slice. It had a texture more like a potato, but it wasn’t a potato.

I came to vegetables late in life, so I really wasn’t sure what it could be. It was tasty though.

Our server informed us it was a golden beet.

See those yellow vegetables? They're GOLDEN BEETS! Surprise!

Really? Because I don’t eat beets. Only, apparently, I do, when they are roasted to perfection and not a red and juicy and nasty.

Longest intro to a lunchtime poll ever.

Today’s question: What have you eaten by mistake?

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One time I was at a family friend’s house eating dinner (chili). They had just returned from a hunting trip and were talking about the size of the deer they killed. I said “I could NEVER eat a deer! They’re so beautiful and graceful!”. Family friend rolled his eyes and said “Well, you’re eating one right now. So.”

Turned out the chili was venison chili. Woops. I have to say, it was pretty delicious.

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