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Lunchtime Poll: Ides of March Edition

Well, other than the brutal stabbing of Julius Caesar, what’s there to talk about today? How about the Internet?

I’ve tried to deny for a long time now the cold hard truth: I’m an Internet addict.   Of course, now that I’m a for-realsies bloggist, I don’t have to hide my shame anymore. My name’s Hattie, and I’m addicted to the Internet!

What about the rest o’ ya? This is a safe space. Grab some coffee and a donut and let it all out.

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So today I went for my first hair laser treatment…. and when she was getting a bit of my “area” she actually sort of burned my vagina! I was just omg!

And ladies, it hurts more than a tattoo, if you have had a tattoo in that area. I have one in the crook of my leg and it really was no thing, but getting laser hair bikini was amazingly hurtnacious. She also got part of my tattoo, which really upsets me. This isn’t some amazingly detailed tattoo or anything, but still, I like permanently-inked things on me to stay pretty. So I hope it doesn’t do anything weird. She said it will just fade a bit.

I’m an Internet addict, and one who has no online acess (except on my phone) at work. So my time at home is spent frantically trying to catch up on all of my online communities. Sometimes I need to step away and remind myself that the Internet isn’t going anywhere in the next few hours.

When my computer is on/open, I get roughly zero schoolwork done. And this can go on for 48+ hours. (Not me being on my computer, but me accomplishing nothing. Ha.) But I’m fairly efficient and focused without it. But then sometimes I need to look something up/type something/whatever and then I have a real difficulty. Life is hard, you guys.

I have to revert to the Anti-Social popular website blocker in dire times. It targets facebook, youtube, myspace, even Jezebel! You can also add other pages to the no-no list if you know you have a problem with, oh, say, browsing vintage duds for hours on end at Etsy? *ahem

Can I just say, the image accompanying this LTP is cracking me up? ‘Cause it is!

I actually think I may have to quit* tumblr … it is waaaay too seductive and such a time suck. Between PM, Facebook, and random surfing I have a full internet life already. :)

* quit in this case being, check it every couple days.

I was thinking about this last night actually. Not even just the internet though, I’m addicted to technology. In our house, which is just me and my boyfriend, we have two TV’s, two computers (plus my old mostly dead laptop), two video games systems (and a DS), two smartphones, cable in the living room and bedroom, a landline phone, and ipods. That’s so much! I am never not using some form of technology, even if I’m reading a book I probably have Pandora on in the background.
With not working, most of my friends are on the internet and most days internet people are the only people I interact with.
I’ve been an internet addict since we had AOL dial-up in middle school though, so it’s nothing new. But sometimes i think I should do a detox.

Me too. I feel awkward about it talking to my boyfriend, who really doesn’t spend very much time online. I think I need to seek better balance, but the natures of our work are so different that I’m not sure there’s a comparison to be made, really. (His job involves standing up and walking around away from a computer 99% of the time; mine is graduate school. Though when I teach I’m obviously not on my computer, I guess.)

I stay at home with my small children during the day. Sometimes I actually send them to a babysitter and work, but I work as a freelance writer out of my own house. As a result, the internet is my only chance to feel like I’m talking to or hearing another adult during week days. So yeah, I’m a little addicted.

I sometimes have trouble separating my real life and my Internet life. There have been so many times that I’ve almost mentioned Persephone and the Frisky Feminist to my mom – just in passing, like, “Yeah, I don’t have a lot of work tonight so I’m going to watch Gossip Girl and get started on this week’s column,” and have caught myself right before I do. I LOVE writing it and am not the least bit ashamed of anything we talk about, but I’d prefer my mother not be a part of it. I’ll also catch myself trying to share anecdotes from Persephone or Tumblr with her or with a real-life friend and realize that it’s not going to make sense or they’re not going to appreciate it at all because they can’t relate to the idea of having Internet friends.

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