Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 4: Fives v. Twelves

Hello! We survived yet another server move! This one was touch and go for awhile, I thought I’d sent our girl Persephone to the underworld for good a couple of times. Since I made you wait on Friday, when we learned we had to move, I couldn’t make you all wait until tomorrow to find out the results and get back on the Madness train. Have I built the suspense enough? Click on!

First up, Thursday night’s big winners.

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopia

Coraline comes around to upset Alice.

YA Fiction

In a surprise end run, Jessica “Not So” Darling defeats Melinda. (and Twitter goes wild!)

Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopia

Karin Murphy beats Harry (our comments go wild!)

Adult Fiction

Lady MacBeth beats Mulan (Selena goes wild, Mulan was robbed!)

Here’s your latest bracket-y goodness!

Click to access Middlemarchmadnessbracket4.pdf

Ready for tonight’s votes? Go!


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I don’t think that is true at all. I think the ultimate lesson of the book is that though success/money is important and Scarlett isn’t totally wrong for doing what she did – she took it too far. Her success is hollow because in the end she has no one to share it with. Her experience of extreme poverty has warped her so much, how can you not feel bad for her? And when her child dies?! When she is raped?! When she miscarries the baby she hopes will save her marriage?! You’re seriously telling me that you don’t feel bad for her in any of these situations? Or that she ‘deserved’ it somehow? The woman grew up in a life of comfort and security and was unexpectedly thrust into a new world, in which she bravely made her way, though it made her bitter. Even as she mocked the old guard who pined for a lost time, she did the same thing herself in pining for Ashley. How can you not feel for Scarlett?

So I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day. His grandparents are Chinese immigrants, who came from pretty poor beginnings. Their reaction to Scarlett eating the dirty turnip (or whatever) out of the ground? “Why doesn’t she just eat the horse? Such a waste!”

Really puts that white privilege in perspective.

Go Celie!

“Why doesn’t she just eat the horse?” Because she lives in an extremely rural area and needs it for transportation. They also need the horse to plow their fields so they have cotton to sell. In the book she actually walks several miles to find that turnip, she doesn’t ride around on the horse for fun. In fact there is a passage in the book where she thinks about all the horses Tara used to have, and how she can’t ride their one skinny horse anywhere because it needs to rest as much as possible.

Boo! Scarlett FTW! Not that the book and some of her actions aren’t problematic, but Scarlett is an amazing woman. The book Scarlett is definitely different. There is much more time spent on her getting Tara functioning again, much more time spent planning her sawmill business, and lots of internal strife over being forced to have children and having to behave like a lady in public. There is also a beautiful scene with Grandma Fontaine where she talks about how scared she is and about how part of her wants to give up and leave, but a bigger part of her wants to succeed. Scarlett isn’t about being likable, that’s the point. /rant

With the exception of Karana’s victory, I have lost every round. Claudia v. Scout is just cruel and Turtle v. Harriet will break my heart. But I hope it comes down (on the left side) to Lyra v. Meg v. Harriet v. Scout. I’ll never recover from Leslie’s defeat (come ON) though.

I’m okay with everything that happens as long as Lyra comes out the champion.

P.S. Where’s Winnie Foster? :(

You’re right! Where is Winnie Foster!

I vote this becomes an annual Persephone feature, particularly so that all those left out this time around can make it in next time.

…There was another crucial omission mentioned sometime last week, so obvious that now I’m forgetting who it was….

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