Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 8: Ones v. Sixteens

Welcome back! We’re about to tackle our last poll for the first round, on Monday we’ll begin knocking the final 32 into the Sweet Sixteen.  I don’t know about y’all, but I am having so much fun with this I can hardly stand it.  Last night’s voting wasn’t even close, in any category, so I’m not sure how many surprises you’ll find after the cut.

The Winners!

YA Fantasy/Sci-fi/Dystopia – Meg Murray defeats Sabriel

YA Fiction – Scout beats Claudia

Adult Fantasy/Sci-fi/Dystopia – Morgaine beats Tarma & Kethry

Adult Fiction – Offred sends Jordan Baker packing.

Once again, I don’t have the bracket available for embed.  I will email the PDF to anyone who asks, our FTP isn’t letting us put new things on the server.   (selena@

And on to the voting for the weekend! Since this is a field full of underdogs, and it’s Friday evening, this poll will be open until 5p EST on Monday the 14th.

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Most of Robin McKinley’s is classified as both adult and YA. Seriously, if you go to Barnes & Noble right now you will find “The Blue Sword” and “The Hero and the Crown” in both sections. When we first divvied up the lists, one of us put Aerin in YA and someone else put Harry in Adult. When it was pointed out, we decided to leave it to account for the fact that McKinley is at home in both.

First, a disclaimer: I tried reading Colour of Magic a few years ago, but it had been highly recommended by my most recent ex-boyfriend, which certainly soured the experience, and I never finished it, nor any other Terry Pratchett books.

That said, surely I’m not the only one who can’t help thinking, My god, ANOTHER Pratchett character?! with every round of voting. It’s an endorsement, to be sure, and I hope to get to his books eventually, but next time March Madness rolls around, I wouldn’t say no to capping the number of characters per author, if only to get a wider variety in play.

I could have written this, essentially. I’ve only read Good Omens (which as a co-venture with Gaiman only partially counts as a Pratchett), and I loved it and Anathema’s awesome, but… when, like, Winnie Foster and Cassandra Mortmain (and I’m sure of I’ll think of like eight more examples as soon as I hit Post) didn’t make the list, but let’s make sure we get every wackily-named female character Pratchett ever wrote about? It’s sort of… I don’t want to say boring, because this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a March Madness bracket (and I play Fug Madness! THIS IS BETTER), but a cap wouldn’t be a bad idea, at all.

Anne v. Turtle was deeply troubling for me, as well, since I love both of them dearly but they are SO different. I think in the end Turtle edged out Anne for me, but it wasn’t an easy choice!

(It’s hilarious how attached one can get to fictional characters. Which only serves to illustrate how awesome books can be.)

I am HEARTBROKEN at Claudia’s loss. SHE RAN AWAY AND LIVED IN THE MET, Y’ALL. And don’t throw anything at me but I am that one person who doesn’t really Get The Big Deal about TKAM. As an important part of our culture, yes. As a book I want to sit down and read, give me From The Mixed-Up Files… any damn day.

You guys? I know y’all love Hermione, and I do, too, but let me tell you a little bit about Tally Youngblood and why you should vote for her instead. Here is a partial list of awesome things about Tally:

* She sneaks into the part of town where only Pretties go while she is still an Ugly!

* She makes a daring rescue of her friends and the parents of this guy she hardly knows (David ♥!) even though it would be SO EASY to just become Pretty, which is what she wanted in the first place.

* She GOES UNDERCOVER AS A PRETTY even knowing what it will do to you.

* She fights the bubbly ALL ON HER OWN!!!

She does kind of treat David like an ass. That I can’t forgive her for. And she does betray the Smoke, but it only makes her more real, not superwonderfulfabulous all the time Mary Sue Hermione Granger!

Who do you root for, Rocky or Apollo Creed? The Sandlot kids or those obnoxious boys with uniforms? The Goonies or those rotten developers? The Mighty Ducks or the Hawks? LONG LIVE THE UNDERDOG! VOTE FOR TALLY YOUNGBLOOD!!!

PS – The Uglies series is awesome, and if you don’t know who Tally is, you should get out there and read it straight away.

You bring up some good points, but c’mon – Hermione Freaking Granger! Through loyalty and book learning she saved the wizarding world!

And Hermione is not one of those ‘obnoxious boys with uniforms’ she discovers a wonderful magical world, and then pretty much immediately discovers there are strong forces within it that hate her for who she is. She ends up fighting oppression in just as real a way as Tally. She is also just as ‘real’ a character as Tally, and grows significantly as a person over the course of the series.

Hermione forever!

If it were Hermione v. Tally for the YA Fantasy/Sci-fi/Dystopia crown, I would be all over Ms. Granger. But I can’t bear to see Tally go down without a fight so early on. It’s not fair! Just because not enough people had read Uglies and got her stuck with the sixteenth seed?


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