Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Voting Day 3

Today we’re pitting the six seeds against the eleven seeds in all four divisions, and I’ll reveal last night’s winners with a new bracket after the cut. I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the voters for participating, this has been the most fun I’ve had all winter. Bookish ladies for the win!

First up, I bet you want to know who won last nights vote.  I’ve been closing the polls at 5pm EST so I have enough time to double check all the numbers before we go live with the next one.   So, as of 5pm tonight, the following ladies are moving on:

Junior Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopia Division

Alanna defeats Cimorene

Junior Fiction Division

Karana defeats Margaret

Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopia Division

Gytha defeats Kerowyn

Adult Fiction Division

Sethe defeats Irene.

I was truly surprised to see Karana beat Margaret.  I must read Discworld now, because I am in love with the name Gytha Ogg.  I am team Gytha, sight unseen(read). Here’s the latest bracket for your printing and harmless wager creating pleasure:

Click to access Middlemarchmadnessbracket3.pdf

Ready to vote for tonight’s choices? Dig in!

Extra special thanks to Kym and Mr. Kym for designing our fancy Middlemarch logo-ma-bobs!!!

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So sad to see Cimoren defeated. She should have stuck around a lot longer. After all my bellyaching over whether to choose Alanna or Cimorene, my two all-time favorite feminist heroines, I went with Cimorene because of her portrayal of single-motherhood in later books of the series. She raised Daystar on her own after her husband got all enchanted, and she was always competent and without stigma, just as bad-ass as always. I guess I’m Team Alana now (with a side of Team Jessica Darling) but man, I thought Cimorene had what it takes.

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