Movie Nights: A Prep for Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is coming out tomorrow. I, for one, am not missing it. This movie has intrigued me more than any other lately, for reasons including the interesting graphics, animation, and choice of actors, and the “female lead” aspect in a Warner Brothers production. Let’s get the run-down before we see, it shall we?

Sucker Punch is made by the same people who translated the hugely popular graphic novels of Watchmen for the screen. The story itself is about a young girl, Babydoll (Emily Browning) who is institutionalized by her stepfather in the 1950s. There, in order to survive and prevent herself from being lobotomized, she retreats into her own mind, a new reality of her creation. There she is able to do things beyond her own comprehension, and slowly starts to blur the lines between her fantasy and reality. She is determined to find a way out of the asylum’s prison and enlists the help of many other girls in the home for their help. In the process of fighting for their freedom from fantastical creatures and enemies, they come to find out what they are willing to sacrifice to stay alive.

It was written by Steve Shibuya and Zach Snyder (the director). It was actually intended to be released and filmed before Watchmen, however things changed, and Watchmen was completed and released first. This is also a great and interesting film to be able to see and evaluate because of the 2007 statement that was released by Warner Brother’s that stated a new policy of no more “female leads,” partially due to the CEO believing that those always fail in the box offices, but more likely because he is just a jerk. Zach Snyder was very clear when he stated that he had done an all-male cast for 300, so with this, he wanted to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and feature a leading full cast of women.

The film has received a PG-13 rating. To avoid an R rating that Snyder felt would restrict most girls from seeing the movie, a love scene was cut. In an interview with Nylon Magazine, Browning said:

I had a very tame and mild love scene with John Hamm … I think it’s great for this young girl to actually take control of her own sexuality.

She added:

[The MPAA] got Zack to edit the scene and make it look less like she’s into it. And Zack said he edited it down to the point where it looked like he was taking advantage of her. That’s the only way he could get a PG-13 [rating] and he said, ‘I don’t want to send that message.’

Overall, I think that there are going to be a lot of explorations done in this movie, and a lot of important evaluations that can come out of this film. I will see you all next week when I break it down!


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I keep asking my bf ‘Is it weird that I want to see this?’ not because its an action film but mostly because of the whole school girl Lolita look they have going plus it looks like it could be super cheesy. But I still want to see. I’m going to go knowing that even if the movie sucks, at least it looks pretty. I can watch a sucky movie if its pretty (i.e not too impressed with 300 but drooled over the chiaroscuro usage the whole time)

I’m eagerly awaiting your review. I caught a sneak last night and felt sorely disappointed overall and even disgusted at certain points at how the film’s misogyny and sexualized violence was given a girl power candy coating. (It’s interesting that Browning calls her character a ‘young girl’ when it’s clearly stated that she’s 20-years-old in the movie.)

I hope you extract some positivity that I may have missed on the first viewing.

LittleBroBBC & I are totally going to see this when I get back from my vacation. I’m pumped.

At first, I was a little put off by the teaser trailer I saw, all pigtailed girl with super short skirt “kicking ass.” I thought it was just a ploy to draw in the teen boy set. But once I saw the longer trailer, I was sold!

I’ve been sort of disappointed in the kneejerk assumption that this movie will be misogynistic. I get the implications of the cosplay uniforms, but so many of the dismissals seem to be ‘this isn’t the kind of thing girls are into, so clearly its a movie for boys’. Except, you know, lots of girls like action movies, female leads, and mecha rabbits. Really.

I already bought my tickets for tomorrow!

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