Movie Nights: Submit Your Suggestions!

Hey guys,

I have been a tad busy and unable to get my usual column in, due in part to my family “surprise” visiting me. Let me tell you all, it does not help to “surprise” visit a graduate student. Nope, I am a tad bit annoyed, but I love them, so I deal. Anyway, I have been pondering this idea, so let’s try this out. I like to see new movies so I can bring them to you all, but there are some of my favorites that I like to write about. I want to see if there are any movies that you all have been wanting to see, but unwilling to spend the money on. Submit them to me, I will check it out, and report back! I will do regular updates on my own, but just in case there is one that most of you are dying to see.

Movie updates: I was intending to go to the SXSW movie festival this year. I was really anxious to see that Beaver movie that Mel Gibson is in, however my school sucks the fun out of everything and planned our spring break the week before. I have always had my spring break during the week of SXSW, so it hurts my heart that this new school takes that from me. Regardless, I am still keeping up to date on the goings-on with SXSW via some reporter friends, so I will update you all on that as well.

You can submit your movie wants to me at I am totally willing to take any and all suggestions, current movies, old movies, and movies you want me to watch out for.


La Belle Amelie.

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