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MSCL: Making Out Is Hard to Do

Did anyone else get a little whiplash at the beginning of this episode? It started off with some narration from Angela about how high school cliques have their own designated territory at school. Then she gets to the boiler room and says “There’s only one reason people go down to the boiler room,” before heading down there to ferociously make out with Jordan Catalano for all of 5th period. Which is apparently their new daily ritual. I mean, good for her and all, but I was kind of like huh? How did we get from the meaningful glance and almost-kiss at the dance last week to daily make-out sessions?

Midterms are approaching at Liberty High and Angela’s been skipping her review sessions to go make out with Jordan. And we all watch and sigh because, oh Angela. Side note: how did Jordan decide that this period was the one and only one they could use for making out? And how does their school schedule work, anyway, that they have an extra review session during the day? And finally, I think my high school had something resembling midterms but they were never intense enough to warrant daily review sessions for a whole week.

Meanwhile, Patty is being all annoyingly positive with Graham as he prepares to take a cooking class she forced down his throat like so much risotto. Turns out the semi-celebrity chef teacher never showed for class, and Graham befriended an annoying woman who was nonetheless pretty in an early ’90s way. I think this is the woman who he ends up trying to open a restaurant with. By the way, is it just me or is she kind of a proto-MPDG?

Back in High School World, Sharon and Rayanne must be on the same pee schedule or something, because they run into each other in the bathroom again. This time they’re not talking about sex or sick dads, though; they’re talking about the fact that Jordan is controlling and using Angela. (For making out. Which is kind of hilarious and adorable. Lemme guess: Jordan has Angela leave five minutes before the period’s over so he can have some “alone time” in the boiler room? They barely get any peace and quiet, anyway, what with Drumsticks barging in all the time like a child.)

Angela’s pee schedule is clearly a few minutes off from the other two because for the third (or fourth?) time she wanders in a few minutes later to find them talking. Somehow, though, she has the same reaction every time: “Sharon and Rayanne talking? Whaaa?” Their little intervention doesn’t go well with Angela, who’s being extra surly this week. Probably because she knows that they’re right. In the end, the three of them end up agreeing to go see Buffalo Tom that night. Side note: real band? Fake band? Who can tell anymore?

So are we just at a point in this show where a bunch of 15-year-olds show up at what’s clearly a bar on a Friday night and we just let it go? Seriously, what is that place? I

Angela and Jordan from My So Called Life
Makeout buddies!

could have sworn when the girls first walk in you see a line of beer taps in the foreground. And there’s a sort of gritty industrial feel to the whole place, and Jordan is smoking and playing pool. These kids never get to complain about how lame their lives and hometown are if this is an option for their Friday nights.

Moving on. The inevitable happens at the Super Underage Bar. Jordan blows her off, because he’s playing pool with Drumsticks. Clearly they need that quality time together, man! Rayanne reminds us all why we love her, not only for wearing a sparkly knit hat, but for striding right up to Jordan and telling him off a bit. Oh hey, but before you feel too sorry for Angela, here, you should know that she asked Brian Krakow to learn geometry so she could teach it to her that night. So of course he does, only to show up at chez Chase to find that Angela went out without telling him.

Which brings us to the best telling-off so far for this entire show. Brian storms over to Angela’s on Sunday night to return her textbook and rip her a new one. Angie kinda deserved it. She was acting like she’d learned nothing the week before. Like she still felt that Brian was her little puppy who was going to follow her around all the time and do whatever she wanted. She resolves to study with what’s left of her Sunday night, and spends part of the next day skipping class so she can study in the bathroom with the smart girl in her class. See, she cares about school again because Jordan blew her off.

Anyway, things resolve nicely for Chases young and old(er). Jordan holds Angela’s hand in the hallway! And Graham’s new ladyfriend asks him to teach the cooking class! And I don’t know what’s happening with Danielle because she isn’t a real character!

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Buffalo Tom are so are real band! I love their song “Late at Night” soooo much and loved it before this episode, but I will always equate that song with Jordan pretending he doesn’t even know Angela. I have it on my iTunes (I’m kind of stuck in the ’90s that way) and cry every time it comes up. True story.

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